Tuesday Motes For Comment

A sad Good-Bye: Kaya, a smart and intuitive German shepherd, died on Feb. 4. A few months shy of 9 years old, she became an ambassador for service dogs and veterans’ mental health across the U.S. After returning from Afghanistan, veteran Marine corporal Cole Lyle, found that medication only exacerbated his PTSD symptoms over the years. Searching for another solution, he adopted Kaya in 2014. He said he instantly connected with her. Kaya became integral to the work Lyle began with Mission Roll Call, a nonpartisan advocacy group for veterans. She stood by his side when he spoke before Congress. Kaya was diagnosed with cancer last year. She was released to cross the Rainbow bridge on the 4th. Heroes come it all shapes and sizes. She now warms herself by the fireplace by the Table of Heroes.

You can’t make this  up: A woke California baker was savagely killed during a robbery this week — and her family and friends are urging authorities not to jail her assailants to align with her social justice beliefs. Okay, maybe “He” would want to forgive the attacker, but “He” would also demand punishment. If only to be sure that it would not happen to another innocent. Intentions are good, but misconceived.  

Just asking: There are a reported 33,000 deaths in Syria and Turkey from the last earthquake. There have also been 113 (at last report) warrants issued in connection “to building construction.” I wonder how many of that 113 had anything to do with “building construction” and how many were just on someone else’s shat list.

Makes dollars and sense: The owner of the Wagner Group, a private military contractor actively involved in the fighting in Ukraine has predicted that the war could drag on for years. Yevgeny Prigozhin said in a video interview released late Friday that it could take 18 months to two years for Russia to fully secure control of Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland. Well, mercenaries military contractors only get paid if they’re fighting, so that would make sense to me.

Watched Thor; Love and Thunder. Movie was not so good, especially stacked up against the others of the Marvel Universe. But, Christian Bale, OMG was he good. Bale brough a huge amount of angry humanity to the character whose god laughed at him. His only answer was revenge, kill them all. Something many of us can relate to. Like  James Brolin as Thanos, Bale showed the deep sorrow that haunts the “villain”. 

Weekend play list: Leanne Womack, Cash, Hardy, Wolf Jazz, and Jimmy Clegg to name a few.

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