Monday Motes To Pick You Up

Don’t need no stinking facts: Recently published in a “news blog”. “Did you know in 1791 when the Founders ratified the 2A, a well regulated militia was restricted to 1 musket, 2 spare flints, and 24 ‘bullets’? They had to register and at anytme the .gov could enter their home and take away their weapon and remove them from the rolls.” And there are people out there that will take this as the honest truth, despite it being so ludicris it should be part of a comic’s routine. 

And proud of it: Democratic strategist James Carville blasted the “White trashdom” in the Republican Party that he claims was on display during the State of the Union address on Tuesday. Regarding the times Republicans booed the president, Carville insisted that they were an example of the party’s “White trashdom” on display. First I was a deplorable and now I’m white trash. Well, damn proud of it if it offends this political hack.

No cream no sugar: Starbucks’ coffee may be expensive — but this is ridiculous. One Oklahoma couple got the java jolt of their lives when they ordered two cups of joe at one of the chain’s Tulsa outlets and wound up being charged $4,456.27.  The couple said they soon contacted the company for help and Starbucks officials sent them checks to make up for the lost cash — but the checks bounced. I made coffee this morning and it cost me about 18 cents, for the whole pot.

They give so much: The Indian government has urged people to set aside the “western” traditions of Valentine’s Day and instead celebrate the occasion by cuddling up with the country’s sacred cows. On Friday withdrew its appeal to citizens to mark Valentine’s Day next week not as a celebration of romance but as “Cow Hug Day” to better promote Hindu values. That’s a good one, but I think the ATFE’s offering the “Snitch you ex for Valentine day” was better.

Why now: It seems like there is a new “George Santos” article almost everyday. Santos in drag. Santos arrested. Santos lied. Where the hell we all these “journalists” during the campaign and election? There’s a reason they didn’t bring this out then. And please don’t insult me by saying he really covered it all up good then.

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