Another Week Starts – Monday Motes

Give me a break:  Hunter Biden’s art dealer, Georges Bergès, has claimed that Biden will be among “the most consequential artists in this century,”  Most people have been suspicious that the art career of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter could facilitate a pay-for-play scheme. I’d tell you the rest of his comments, but they are so ludicrous as to defy belief. Ole’ George must be well compensated to leave his integrity in the dirt like this.

Right: Let me see if I got this right; if I get another vaxx, I get 8 test kits to detect if I have the crap I got the vaxx to prevent. Right?        Ahhh, No.

Remember : Hilary Clinton destroyed phones with HAMMERS and wiped her server; Lois Lerner “lost” 24,000 e-mails; Robert Mueller and his team wiped clean 31 government phones “accidently” before the investigation.  But President Trump is covering up…something.

Two-tiered system: Sam Bankman-Fried was accused of tampering with witnesses by the corrupt DOJ.  Since SBF gave millions to Democrats, he’ll only get a slap on the hand. The DOJ filed a request with the court after discovering that SBF was tampering with witnesses.  The DOJ requested that the court let him know that he can’t do that. With you or me or Trump supporters, this would mean years in jail. But then, we don’t put millions into demorat campaign accounts.

Jokes write themselves: A man was tragically killed by a device known as a “telescopic urinal” in London’s West End on Friday. “Telescopic urinals” are pop-up toilets stored underground during the day and raised hydraulically to street level at night for people to use. They were created to prevent public urination at night in the street. The dead man was a worker performing routine maintenance on the toilet. I was gonna say something about a crappy way to die, okay I said it.

Storyteller and Loki at puppy school.

It’s amazing how fast I learn.

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