It’s Ruby Tuesday Motes

True love: Congratulations to US astronaut Buzz Aldrin who tied the knot for a fourth time on Friday. Aldrin, a New Jersey native, is best known for his venture to the moon on the Apollo 11 space mission in 1969 with Neil Armstrong. Aldrin married Dr. Anca V Faur, in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles, and are as excited as eloping teenagers.” Faur, 63, has a PhD in chemical engineering and is the executive vice president of Aldrin’s company, Buzz Aldrin Ventures. The pair currently reside in California. I wonder if they “had” to get married. Snicker snicker

Just sayin’: The mutilated body of a prominent Cameroonian journalist was found on Sunday near the capital Yaounde five days after he was abducted by unidentified assailants, the press union and a colleague said on Sunday. XX Just after sunset on Thursday, February 10th, two men in a white Dodge Ram pickup pulled up in front of Heber Lopez Vasquez’s small radio studio in southern Mexico. One man got out, walked inside and shot the 42-year-old journalist dead. Lopez’s 12-year-old son Oscar, the only person with him, hid, Lopez’s brother told Reuters. XX  These reporters were killed for telling the truth. Our reporters get promoted for telling ….not truths. Maybe they are on to something in those places.

World “Economic” Forum: Attendees included 116 Billionaires; 52 heads of state; 600 CEO’s; 56 Finance Ministers; 30 Trade Ministers; 16 American politicians including war veteran John Kerry and fbi director Chris Wray. Hummmm.

Speaking of the “elite” fbi: A former top FBI counterintelligence agent based in New York who investigated the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia in 2016 has been charged with money laundering and violating US sanctions by trying to help Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska evade the penalties, the Justice Department said Monday. Who will investigate the investigator’s?

Nothing here: Just a comment; there have been over 1400 CONVICTIONS of election fraud connected with the 2020 elections. But there was no organized fraud, it’s all coincidence.

Uncle Joe’s choice: Biden named Dr. Demetre Daskalakis as the White House National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator. On Friday Dr. Daskalakis announced that the CDC will now allow you to get the COVID vax, Flu vax, and MonkeyPox vax at the same time.

This is “Doctor” Daskalakis

Yep, that was my thought too.

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