Monday Monday,dah dah dada( think Mama’s and Papa’s)

Suspicions confirmed: Viet Nm veteran John Kerry let it all hang out in his talk at Davos today. As we reported earlier, Kerry, who served in the Viet Nam war, said that what they all wanted was money, money, money. In addition, combat vet Kerry expressed that he was part of a “select group of human beings” who were called to save the planet. Kerry also served in the Army during the Viet Nam war. War veteran Kerry has always thought very highly of himself.

I like it: For several weeks I was reading comments how bad the re-boot of Night Court was. The original held its own against the likes of Taxi, Barney Miller and Cheers all of which featured great jazz music scores, really good writing, and solid actors. Well, those commentators can kiss my gavel. The new is every bit as good as the original.

Just what we need: Gov. David Ige’s administration wants to create a new statewide police agency that would allow its officers to investigate crimes and enforce laws independently from county police departments, state officials said Friday. Yeah, another “police agency” to just get in the way of all the others. How long before they go undercover on each other?

Four rules: All guns are loaded until YOU unload them. Keep your finger off the trigger until READY to shoot. Never point a gun at anything you aren’t willing to DESTROY. Always know your target AND what’s behind it. Rules: 4  Baldwin: 0

 Real heroes exist: Royce Williams was a real-life “Top Gun” 10 years before Tom Cruise was even born. On a cold November day in 1952, Williams shot down four Soviet fighter jets – and became a legend no one would hear about for more than 50 years. The now 97-year-old former naval aviator was presented with the Navy Cross, the service’s second-highest military honor at a ceremony Friday in California.

A slippery slope: Democratic lawmakers in a handful of states are trying to send a message two years after the “violent attack” on the U.S. Capitol: Those who engage in an attempted overthrow of the government shouldn’t be allowed to run it. Why do I say slippery slope? We all know there was no “violent attack”, but over a thousand citizens have been charged with an incredible number of ludicrous charges. If those in power achieve the legal right to “ban” anyone from office, they will ban anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Remember, a right once lost, is NEVER regained.

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