Sunday Rant

Sunday Rant

Recently a blogger I visit regularly chose to take his own life.  He was sick, and in deep chronic pain and just couldn’t handle it anymore. I know how he feels. Constant unending pain does horrible things to your mind and soul. I hope he has found the peace he deserves.

From John at DTI.

17 Jan 23

2023 Shot Show, Las Vegas, NV, First Day:

Why are American gun and ammunition manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, dealers, trainers, and gun-owners so enthusiastically celebrating this 2023 SHOT Show?

In what other nation could we, or anyone, openly celebrate like this?

Within Communist regimes in China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, etc leftist dictators and their henchmen are simultaneously celebrating the “2023 Whom We Shot Show!”

“Whom We Shot Shows” (that were so enjoyed by Joe Stalin), where films of pitiable, forcibly-disarmed “dissenters” being lined-up and shot to death by impromptu firing squads are being shown to frightened, involuntarily audiences who nervously applaud out of morbid fear that they will be next, whenever their “devotion” doesn’t appear quite genuine enough!

That doesn’t happen here yet, because our domestic Communists (masquerading as “Democrats”) have so-far been unsuccessful in forcibly taking our guns away from us (while they keep theirs).

Isn’t our individual “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” (that is firmly embedded in our nation’s Constitution) a wonderful, fantastic freedom?

It is a personal freedom never enjoyed Communist slaves!

Yes, we boldly cheer our American SHOT Show, in the year of our Lord 2023!

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