Wednesday Motes, That Is All

Lesson: I spend some time using a slingshot going after feral chickens here on the Double J. Yesterday the wife commented that I really need to get lucky on some of the shots. I reminded her of what the IRA bomber said when told the same thing. He’d tried to bomb the Royal residence and the Scotland Yard detective made the same comment. His response, “Yes, but I only need to get lucky once, they have to be lucky every time.”

Question: Who the hell is Andrew Tate and why does anyone care what he says?  No, really. I read his profile and still can’t figure it out.

Understandable: Prince Harry celebrated the latest round of his royal-trashing tour by downing tequila shots with Stephen Colbert — who mercilessly mocked him while teasing their interview before it airs late Tuesday. Photos also showed armed guards carefully covering the prince. This is a perfectly understandable response. I haven’t had a tequila for 35 years, part of the marriage vows. But if I had to sit with Colbert, I’d probably do some tequila shooters too.

Doubtful: Attorney General Merrick Garland assigned a U.S. attorney to review the roughly ten classified documents that were found in an old office of President Joe Biden. The classified documents are from Biden’s vice-presidential office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington. Will the fbi get a search warrant and raid Uncle Joe’s estate? Like the header said, doubtful.

Disgusting: Just when you think they can’t stoop any lower, they do. took things one revolting step further. Some miscreant in England came up with ”Drag Syndrome” Shows. Drag Syndrome is exactly what you think it is but wish it wasn’t: adults with Down syndrome dancing in drag. I will not name the evil behind “Drag Syndrome” nor will I comment on any of his justifications. I’ll simply say, your mother must be so proud.

Playlist: The weekend playlist included Johnny Cash, Red Sovine, Hu, Nancy Griffin, and of course John Prine.

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