First Friday Motes

Have you noticed, all the people who blamed Trump for everything, now don’t blame Uncle Joe for anything? Why yes. Yes I have. And Joe has announced he will go to the western border and see the security for himself.  A waste of time, effort, money, and all for some meaningless sound bites.

Premier law enforcement: The FBI issued a new appeal for public help Wednesday to identify the suspect who planted pipe bombs near the Republican and Democratic national committee headquarters the night before the Capitol assault, raising the reward to $500,000. So far the fbi has identified over 900 people that, for the vast majority, were peacefully protesting. They’ve had children wear undercover wires and get their parent to incriminate themselves. They have videos of this guy, and they can’t id him. Hmmm

Goes fast: There was a recent officer involved shooting on the island of Maui. It is a good shoot, but the incident shows you how fast these things happen. According to the officer’s camera, he had 47 seconds from the time he stepped out of his vehicle until the shots were fired. 47 seconds. Now people will spend months dissecting the incident, finding “what the officer should have done” and other associated bull shat.  It happens very fast.

The camps are here: Jordan Peterson has been ordered by a Canadian psychology governing body to enter what Peterson called a “re-education” program reportedly over his past comments and speech that “may cause harm.” Peterson’s stated refusal to comply could result in discipline for professional misconduct, according to the document’s language. Now, I’m not a big fan of Peterson and moost of hat he has to say, but it is his right to say it, even in Canada. “Re-education” programs, isn’t that what they used to call Auschwitz and the like?

A picture is worth a thousand wounds.

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