First Week, First Thursday Motes

Headline: “Missouri carries out first known execution of an openly transgender person for 2003 murder”. What it should say is “MS Executes Murderer Who Stalked, Raped and Killed Ex and Her Child”. Nothing else is relevant.

This guy can’t tell the truth:  New York Congressman George Santos (R-N.Y.), who faces several investigations for lying, yesterday announced he had been sworn in. That couldn’t happen as there was no speaker of the house to swear anybody in. Santos is just digging that hole deeper and deeper. Oh, he’ll blame this on some underling, but everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth is suspect. And always will be.

Just wrong: Warner Bros along with Elvis Presley’s estate Graceland is pulling out all the stops in celebration of the King of Rock n’ Roll’s birthday on Jan. 8. The Baz Luhrmann-directed Elvis, which is the highest grossing original movie of 2022 at $286M WW, will screen for free in ten cities as part of various festivities. None of those cities is Honolulu. The love the King had for Hawaii is well known, but apparently not worthy of his show.

How secure: An investigation is underway after nearly 100 pounds of illegal aerial fireworks were confiscated from the mailroom at Oahu Community Correctional Center. Sources say a corrections officer is suspected of having the boxes shipped to the jail using an inmate’s name. It appears this wasn’t the only suspicious delivery. But exactly what happened to the other boxes remains unclear. If you live near the OCC, I hope you’re a light sleeper.

If you get the chance, checkout “The Blaze” for Jan 4, Delano Squires “Men’s Mission 2023, Protect This House”.  It is really worth the read.

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