Wednesday, New Day Motes

Trump Trump Trrump: Everyone’s talking about Trump’s taxes. Since 2008, Nancy Pelosi has increased her wealth by approximately $140,000,000 (one hundred and forty million dollars). Why isn’t anyone asking to see her tax returns? What is she hiding? Is Paul Polisi really that good at saving?  

Earned, hell no: House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and his top supporters erupted at the dozen-plus conservative hardliners vowing to block his speakership bid in a closed-door meeting Tuesday, just hours before the vote. “I earned this job. We earned this majority, and God dammit we are going to win it today,” McCarthy said. No, you didn’t you tax fattened hyena. You complain about the concessions you’ve made to gain this point. If you had “earned” the job, you wouldn’t have had to concede anything. You’re nothing but a demorat in a chap suit.

Your rights being flushed: A while back I tried to warn you that there was some really sneaky shat coming under the cover of “safety”. Well, in the rushed “Omnibus” bill they got it. All cars made after 2026 will include a remote activated “safety device” (kill switch) that will allow the police, the government, or anyone with access to turn off your vehicle anytime and place “they want”. Even if you’re not doing anything wrong.

Maybe just me: Headlines in several fish wrappers about Dana White and his wife, Anne. Appears they had a brief physical fight at a New Year’s Eve party in Mexico. He said something and she responded by slapping him in the face, and he retaliated, slapping her twice. The two were quickly separated. Now, am I the only one putting 1 and 1 together as White is now pushing and publicizing his “SLAPP Championships” as the “new” UFC? Or is it just my jaded point of view.

Once again on New Year, my area of the Big Island was like a frreakin’ war zone. Interspersed with the huge booms of homemade explosive fireworks was the sound of handguns and rifles. Yes, you hear enough you can tell the difference. And despite all those that say the chances of being hit by one of those shots is really small, it does happen. During my police career I personally handled three cases in which someone was struck by a falling round. My mother’s nephew, not sure what that is to me, was struck in the neck by a falling 9mm round. Remember, “What goes up must come down.” Always.

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