Thursday Motes For the End of the Year

Out of touch: Kamala Harris has zero self-awareness compared to pretty much everyone in politics. And that’s saying something. ““Growing up Kwanzaa was always a special time. We came together with generations of friends and family and neighbors.”  Just a couple of inconvenient truths, easily verified: Harris was born in 1964, two years before the invention of Kwanzaa in 1966. Harris is Indian and Jamaican. Her parents are not African. Harris basically grew up in Canada. It took over a decade for Kwanzaa to become popular. Also, why brag about a make-believe “holiday” invented by a violent felon?

A match made over coffee: A Pakistan court freed a rapist after he married his victim in a settlement brokered by a council of elders in the northwest of the country, his lawyer said Wednesday. The decision has outraged rights activists. The attacker was sentenced in May to life imprisonment by a lower court in Buner district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province for raping a deaf woman. He was released from prison on Monday after the Peshawar High Court accepted an out-of-court settlement agreed by the rape survivor’s family. The rapist and the victim are from the same extended family. I could say a lot here, but I won’t, it would prove what a “racist” I am.

This is the time of year all the “best of” and “worst of” lists come out. Here’s some of mine; Best Movie-I don’t care. Worst politician-Tie for all of them. Best new tv show- There wasn’t one. Top ten news story- 1 to 10, I don’t care. The top fake news story- Anything from cnn or any other msm outlet.

He really hasn’t a clue: Most of the country is undergoing hellish cold and wet weather. People are freezing to death because they can’t get heating oil.  So, Uncle Joe and his family left Tuesday evening for St. Croix and plan to stay on the tropical island for the rest of the week to celebrate New Year’s Day.

Probably won’t attend: Bill Cosby is eyeing a return to touring in 2023. The controversial comedian said as much during a surprise Dec. 28 radio interview on “WGH Talk” with host Scott Spears. Cosby answered “yes” when asked if 2023 is the year he finally might be able to tour again. I saw him perform in Honolulu in the 70’s and he was funny. I might go to the show, but not the after-show party. I’m too pretty.

Christmas Ham

And it tastes even better than it looks.

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