Meandering Wednesday Motes

A sad Good-Bye: P-22, a mountain lion who has spent years in L.A.’s Griffith Park has been euthanized after likely suffering injuries in a “vehicle strike,” officials say. The big cat made made headlines last month after he attacked and killed a resident’s leashed chihuahua. He was captured by authorities on Monday, who used GPS data from his tracking collar to locate and anesthetize him. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife made the decision to euthanize P-22 after a “comprehensive medical evaluation.” I was hoping they could just put him in a nice quiet place to live out his life. Now he runs free forever.

Christmas movie: One I watch every Christmas, “Donovan’s Reef”, John Wayne, Dorothy Lamour, Cesar Romero and Lee Marvin. Filmed on the island of Kauai in 1963. I met the Duke in 1964 while he was filming “In Ham’s Way”.

Observation: While all the Mainstream late night “entertainers” are closing their shows, conservative pundit Greg Gutfeld is growing and has had the #1 late night spot for months. The people are getting fed up and walking away.

Just asking: Calipornia is talking about “reparations” again. My mother’s people were of Irish stock that ended up farming in Iowa. My father’s people were Lakota in South Dakota. Neither family ever owned slaves and were just short of slaves themselves. So why should people like me fund payments, with tax dollars, to pay someone who was never a slave, for something someone else’s family did?

Florida man explained: Chucky from Child’s Play is based on a real doll that is said to be cursed and cause violent mishaps. The doll was named Eugene and said to be given to Robert Otto in 1903 by someone who worked at the family’s estate who was well-versed in voodoo and wanted to get back at them. The doll was said to rearrange furniture, destroy toys, and move freely. It is currently housed in Key West FL.

Even Santa’s a little worried this year.

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