Big Tuesday Motes

Most dangerous job in the world:  High voltage lineman? Dynamite handler? Mexican journalist? One of Mexico’s most prominent news anchors has survived an apparent assassination attempt near his home in the capital, in one of the most brazen attacks against a journalist the country has seen in recent decades. Ciro Gómez Leyva, a news anchor for the national news network, Grupo Imagen, was driving a bulletproof SUV when the pillion rider on a motorcycle opened fire on him late on Thursday. Gómez was unharmed. Forty-two journalists were killed during the first three years of Amlo’s term as president. That compared to forty-five journalists killed in the entire six-year term of the last president, Enrique Peña Nieto.

Four rules: Poland’s top policeman said that an explosion in his office was caused by a grenade launcher, telling private broadcaster RMF FM that he had received two of the weapons as a gift from Ukraine. Prosecutors said they were investigating the blast, which resulted in Police Commander in Chief Jaroslaw Szymczyk being taken to hospital. The officials had assured the Polish delegation that the launchers were not loaded, and the delegation took them back to Warsaw by car. He violated #1 (All weapons are loaded until YOU make them unloaded) and #2 (Keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to shoot).  Coulda been worse.

Just keeps getting better: New York City cops are no longer permitted to detain people while checking if there’s a warrant for their arrest – unless they believe the person committed a crime or is about to do so, according to a settlement filed in Manhattan federal court Friday. Updated language in the patrol guide — filed in the settlement — says cops will now have to cut loose people they stop when officers wrap up their work on the specific issue. That’s going to as much good as the no bail crap. It’s just going tto keep getting worse until the citizens get fed up.

Stop the presses:   In 2019, President Donald Trump helped push through a rule that would allow college athletes that attended military institutions, such as the US Naval Academy or West Point, to defer their obligatory military service while pursuing a career in professional sports.  After graduating from an academy, cadets/midshipmen are obligated to serve five years of active duty and three years of inactive reserves as “payment” for their education. A shot at professional sports did not cancel their commitment to their obligatory service, but simply allowed them to defer it until after that opportunity was fulfilled or exhausted. There is a bill on Uncle Joe’s desk, it covers the Army, Navy and Air Force, and it states: “The cadet may not obtain employment, including as a professional athlete, until after completing the cadet’s commissioned service obligation.” That obligation is, according to Army, five years of active duty and three years in the individual ready reserve. I did not agree with President Trump on this. I feel if you take the opportunity to attend one of the  academy’s, you fulfill your obligation BEFORE you do anything else.   Alert the media, I agree with a Biden decision. Well, even a blind bear gets his azz in the sunlight once in a while.

Weekend play list; Laine Wilson, First Aid, Kenny Chesney, and Dr. Hook. On the tv, Wednesday, Rolling Thunder (William Devane and Tommy Lee Jones), and a binge on Barnet Miller. 😊 And Danno, those pictures are incredible. Merry Christmas.

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