It’s Monday And I Don’t Care* Motes

Let them eat cake: John Kerry, a Viet Nam veteran and the US Climate “Envoy” (whatever that is), thinks the US should be obligated to pay “climate change reparations”. Kerry said, “it would be great if there were some” U.S. taxpayer money to pay other countries climate reparations. Did you know John Kerry was in Viet Nam? Kerry, whose worth is estimated at 250 million dollars, owns mansions and travels via private jets but he is here to lecture us mere mortals on the virtues of sacrificing modern comforts to “save the planet.” Viet Nam veteran John Kerry is admitting climate change is one big giant scam to redistribute wealth. Just not his.

Not getting any: Indonesia’s parliament confirmed that sex outside marriage would be outlawed in a draconian overhaul of the country’s criminal code. The reforms, which are expected to take effect in three years, will include a ban on cohabitation between unmarried couples and would apply to Indonesians and  tourists.  Indonesia, the world’s third-largest democracy (?), is a majority-Muslim country, the dominant religion in Bali is Hinduism. The newly revised version of the criminal code specifies that only parents and children will be able to report sexual activity to the authorities. However, uncertainty about enforcement remains a talking point. It appears that most are worried about the effect on tourism. Gonna turn a whole generation into snitches for the .gov.

The future looks bleak: Nigeria will soon begin restricting ATM withdrawals to just $45 per day as part of a push to move the country toward a cashless economy. When the policy takes effect in January, ATMs will no longer dispense Nigeria’s high denominations of 1,000 naira ($2.25) and 500 naira ($1.10) while withdrawals from ATMs and point-of-sale terminals also will be limited to 20,000 naira ($45) daily.  Do not kid yourself, this is a trial run. Many on the left discuss and promote this idea of a cashless society. I just wonder how that Nigerian Prince is going to get me my $17m he’s holding for me.

There ain’t any deep enough: A while back I commented on the NYPD cop who forced his 8 y-o son to sleep on the floor of the family’s unheated garage without bedding or winter clothing. The child froze to death. Why? Because the AUTISTIC boy had wet himself. Well, daddy was sentenced to 25 years. And when he dies, he will be given a special deep dark cold hole in hell waiting for him.

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