Friday Mini-Motes

TV suggestion: Recently watched “The English”, Wow just freakin’ wow. Don’t try to watch and do anything else, you gotta stay tuned while watching. You won’t be disappointed.

Comics going down: What has happened to all the DC comics movies? They’re all getting changed, re-shot and canceled. Maybe they realized “woke” movies don’t make any money.

Heard this story too many times: The 65-year-old was found dead early Tuesday morning in his home and is said to have been beaten to death, with police receiving a phone call from the Algerian suspect at around 4 am who told officials he and the man had a dispute and the man had fallen on the floor. Police claim that the 35-year-old Algerian was intoxicated when they arrived and was covered with blood when officials arrived at the home the two men shared, with the owner found laying on the floor with serious skull fractures. Remember, no good deed goes unpunished.

Georgia election: I’ve rea where it was an “overwhelming victory” for the demorats. Sorry, a 50.6 to 49.8 is not an “overwhelming victory”. That’s a “barely eked by” win.

Beware dirty ice: Henry Capouch, 30, a five-year veteran with the Chicago Police Department (CPD), was on vacation when he was caught by a worker “pissing” in the ice machine at Jimmy B’s Beach Bar in the 6200 block of Gulf Boulevard of St. Petersburg Beach, according to a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrest report. I’ve blamed “dirty ice” many times. I hope it wasn’t.

Retirement seems to be working out for me. Especially since we got this guy.

Looking into those eyes you can see why we named him Loki, after the god of mischief.

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