Almost Friday Motes For Thursday

You must follow orders: A majority of the Supreme Court on Monday appeared sympathetic to a web designer who wants to decline to create websites for same-sex weddings, embracing the idea that a state anti-discrimination law cannot compel her to do so. Whatever happened to “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. But this will be a double edged sword as race/creed/color can and will enter the situation. Sorry, I support the “right to refuse”.

How they do it: Democrats are trying to attach marijuana reform, among other things unrelated to the nation’s defense, to the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), delaying the bill’s vote. The House Rules Committee was scheduled to take up the NDAA on Monday. The NDAA has been must-pass legislation for the past 62 years, as it authorizes Pentagon activities and spending. Why don’t we pass a bill that says says anything in a bill  MUST be related to the bill. Example, if it is a school milk bill, don’t attached riders to fund anything that doesn’t pertain to school mik. You know, like this.

Channeling his inner-Mork:  faced yet another worrisome moment as he struggled to pronounce the world “nanochips” during a speech in Phoenix, Arizona. The US President was visiting the site for a new computer chip plant, using it as a chance to emphasise how his policies will contribute to economic growth and create new jobs across the country. The comments had the audience erupt in laughter and applaud the 80-year-old leader who tried to save face. Mr Biden then joked as he feigned stumbling over the words again, adding “nano no-no – I don’t know”, causing more chuckles among the public.

Did you know: December’s full moon is also known as the “cold moon.”

Whose side is he on: George Gascón, the George Soros-funded district attorney of Los Angeles, has issued a policy directive that helps criminal illegal aliens avoid deportation. Silly me, I always thought the DA’s job was to convict criminals, not help them avoid punishment.

But Weinstein is evil: Hollywood writer-director James Toback has reportedly been sued by 38 women who allege he was a “serial sexual predator” who assaulted numerous women over the decades, often luring them with the prospect of being cast in one of his movies. Toback has faced accusations of sexual misconduct since the Los Angeles Times spoke to the same number of women five years ago during the height of the #MeToo movement. Not seeing much on this in the msm. Actually, nothing in the msm. Wonder why. Hmmmm?

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