Because You Asked, Wednesday Motes

Maybe, maybe not: The remains of the last known Tasmanian tiger – thought lost for 85 years – have been found stashed in the cupboard of an Australian museum. The thylacine died in captivity at Hobart Zoo in 1936 and its body was given to a local museum. However, there are numerous sighting reports from deep farmers in Tasmania. I have commented in the past on the Willam DeFoe movie, The “Hunter”, a really good movie.

The beginning: Moore County( NC) Sheriff Ronnie Fields said in a Facebook post on Saturday that just after 7 p.m. on that night, several communities across the county began to experience power outages. Over 40,000 residents were powerless on Sunday afternoon after two substations were taken out by gunfire on Saturday night, according to police. The sheriff gave a few more details about the situation, saying there was extensive damage found at two substations caused by multiple gunshots, which caused power outages primarily in the central and northern portions of the county. Think about how many apocalyptic novels and movies start out with this scenario.

Heroes come in all sizes: A Georgia sheepdog is recovering at home after killing a pack of coyotes that attacked his owner’s flock of sheep, farmer John Wierwiller said. Casper, a 20-month old Great Pyrenees from Decatur, fought off a pack of coyotes who were threatening John Wierwiller’s sheep farm, he said. The fight lasted longer than half an hour, left eight coyotes dead and bloodied Casper, with skin and part of his tail torn off. Though dogs rarely prevail like Casper, packs of coyotes attacking pets have grown somewhat common in rural and growing suburban areas that abut wildlands throughout the United States. As are mountain lion attacks becoming mor2 common. Stay aware, stay safe.

Best line in this weeks Yellowstone; Lloyd; “Yee haw, Real cowboy shit.” Great episode, great line.

Headline: “SOURCES: McConnell Caves to Pelosi, Schumer, Allows JCPA Media Cartel Bailout Bill to Be Included in Defense Package”. What? You expected something different, like a backbone? This is Cocaine Mitch we’re talking about.

Western culture: A suspected Russian deserter dressed in full camouflage and a ski mask opened fire on police officers in Russia’s Rostov region on Tuesday, sparking frantic calls for residents to take cover indoors as a manhunt was underway. The disgruntled gunman was hiding out in a wooded area like Sylvester Stallone’s troubled Vietnam veteran in the original Rambo movie. Witness reported that he came from the direction of the border with Ukraine before opening fire on police officers using a machine gun. I had read the David Morrell book long before the movie. It was a better book.

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