Mid-Weak Motes

Is nothing sacred: Four Buddhist monks in Thailand have been shipped off to rehab after they all tested positive for meth. The holy men — including the temple’s abbot, or head monk — failed the drug tests in the Phetchabun province’s Bung Sam Phan district on Monday. Police forced the monks to undergo urine tests after they raided the temple as part of the province’s crackdown on drugs. They were also immediately booted from the monkhood in the wake of their positive tests — leaving their tiny temple without any religious leaders.

Not the answer: Viewership for award shows, (Grammys ACMs etc.) have fallen drastically. So, the Oscars have decided to lengthen the show by showing all 23 categories.  The ever so not funny Jimmy Kimmel will host the non-event. I won’t be watching either.

Listen to what I mean, not what I say: The president has said repeatedly that he wants to ban assault weapons, but on Thanksgiving when he was in Nantucket, he said: “The idea that we still allow the purchase of semi-automatic weapons in this country today is sick.” WH spokesperson Jean-Pierre says, “No. He was talking about assault weapons. That’s what he was talking about on that morning or afternoon when he was asked that question.” It seems the WH spokesperson spends most of her time denying reporters the privilege of asking questions, and trying to explain what Uncle Joe really means.

Headline, Daily Beast: “It’s Sickening How Many Guns Were Sold On Black Friday”. That’s right, it is sickening that none of them were mine.

The view from my front porch 11/28/22

Yes, that is the reflection from the volcano on the other end of the island. Awesome, and more than a little scary.

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