I’m Stuffed, With Motes

Anybody remember when the NBA was a non-contact sport?  

Know who: Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, suggested on Tuesday that criticism against her is an incitement of violence.  Why is it if you say something critical against someone, who thinks they are important, you’re inciting violence?  In rereading the statement she is referring to, her name is never mentioned. Not once. “To know who rules, note who you cannot criticize”.  

He lied, again: Remember a short time ago Uncle Joe announced he had avoided a “rail strike”, I commented he had only delayed it until the holidays? Well, informed sources say the chance of a nationwide rail strike on or before the holidays is 50/50. At best.

Best prayers: During its run, I was a big fan of “Married- With Children”. I’m really sorry to hear about Christina Applegate’s MS diagnosis. I’ve known a couple of people who have suffered from MS and I hope she does okay.

My choice: I read a list of the “Ten Saddest Songs Ever”. I agreed with about half of those named. But, I was amazed the Brad Paisley/Alison Krauss “Whiskey Lullaby” was not included. To me, the song and its story is about as sad as anything ever written.

Something to think about: Deer hunters saw success over opening weekend in Wisconsin, slaying over 100,000 deer, an over 15% increase from 2021’s open season. Figures showed that hunters nabbed 103,623 deer Saturday and Sunday, 56,638 of which were bucks, it was reported. The number of bucks killed increased by 13.9% than in 2021. The figure has since nearly doubled to 200,409 dead deer total, with hunters fatally shooting 113,854 bucks, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Over 150,000 deer in a single weekend. If you consider  there are 2-3 hunters for ever animal taken, that would indicate there are 400,000 armed shooters in Wisconsin. Think about that before you throw ideas like “civil war” around.

It ain’t yours: Wow, in Canada, not only will they help “euthanize” you if you’re too poor; now the government will confiscate your money under a new “unexplained wealth” statute. If you can’t explain how you got your money, to their satisfaction, they’ll take it away from you. Sounds like they have learned from the U.S. “asset forfeiture” statutes.

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