Tuesday Motes, Yeah.

A blessing in retirement: watching the recordings of my Grandson’s first steps.

Know your neighborhood: In a particularly horrifying encounter with a California mountain lion, one of the big cats snatched a leashed Chihuahua from a dog walker in a residential area near the Hollywood reservoir on Friday. Nine-year-old Piper, a blue merle-Chihuahua mix, was fatally mauled.(eaten) Local wildlife biologists suspect the cougar was 11-year-old “P-22,” who has made Griffith Park in the area his home. P-22 was captured in 2012 and fitted with a tracking collar.  You have a mountain lion living in the park in your area, be aware especially when walking their lunch.

Watched R.I.P.D. 2. Meh, nothing really interesting or worth watching. Well, except don’t pet the fluffy cows.

 Teach your children well: Missouri man is lucky to be alive after he was shot in the head while allegedly strangling a woman inside her home this week. The assailant from Greene County, Missouri, is well known to local law enforcement, having at least 15 reported domestic assaults tied to him since 2006. In fact, earlier this year he is believed by authorities to have set fire to a woman’s home in Greene County, but this week the man apparently showed up once again at the residence and this time, he managed to make his way inside. The pos began choking and strangling her in front of her teenage son, who pleaded with him to stop. When this human waste reportedly refused to release his grip on the woman, the teen grabbed a shotgun and aimed it at the man. The boy told deputies he fired the shotgun after begging him to stop choking his mother. Unfortunately, the individual is still alive. First thought, why is he still on the street?  Second, would the son like some firearms training?

Someone in the newsroom has a sense of humor: Headline: “Saudi Arabia executes 12 people with swords even after Crown Prince’s promise to cut back”. That there is some edgy humor. I wonder if there was more or did they chop it short. Oh geez, someone stop me.

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