It’s Motes For Monday

The United States is deeply concerned about the Chinese government setting up unauthorized ‘police stations’ in U.S. cities to possibly pursue influence operations, FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers. Can anyone tell me how China was able to establish “police stations” in the US?  Unless they are considered “Embassy Grounds”, why are they even erected? Republicans in Congress have requested answers from the Biden administration about their influence. Yeah, like that’s gonna get answers.

Best wishes to Jay Leno and hope his recovery is swift.

I wonder how the L.A.- D.A. will handle the recent vehicle accident involving the Sheriff trainees. Let’s face it, that office hasn’t really been in a good light for some time. And there are indications the accident wasn’t all that accidental.

Retirement is getting better. It’s a chance to make new friends or piss off a new group of people. Meh, I could go either way.

Did you know the Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth, has never served a day in the military? She says she wants “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs so that all the soldiers “feel included”. Perhaps Secretary Wormuth should explain how the Army can sustain operational readiness when it can’t come close to meeting its recruiting goals. I don’t want a “woke” soldier next to me, I want one that can and will fight to protect me and our country.

After years of working on the stadium, millions of dollars poured down the rat holes of the middle east, last week Qatar announced they will not allow beer or other alcoholic drinks at the “World Cup” “football”/Soccer championships. Yeah, that’ll go over big time.

GMAFB*: Dealing with trauma she likened to “survivor’s guilt,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the aftermath of the October attack on her husband, Paul, by an assailant looking for her has left the California Democrat’s family shaken. Now she will claim PTSD is the reason she is stepping down. Hey Nan, you want PTSD, try going into combat 3 months after your 18th birthday. You ain’t got survivor’s guilt, I really doubt you even know what the word guilt means, unless it’s applied to someone else. (*Give Me A Fxxxen Break)

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