Motes Slowly Growing

Nothing says fighting climate change like 400 private jets flying into your city.

I did call Letterman for the win. Now someone in the man is touting a presidential run. Oh dear gods no.

Have we seen the last 2 party election? Unfortunately I’m beginning to think so.

Years ago Tom Banks did “The Terminal”. A really good movie. Well, Merhan Nasseri, the real life individual who spent 18 years living in a French airport has passed away. Life is stranger than fiction.

Don’t talk about responsibility and mention Stacy Abrahms or Alex Baldwin. For them, its always someone else’s fault.

Yes, I did treat a veteran special on Veterans day. I had an extra dollup of Sexton Irish Whiskey at bedtime. I said thank you.

One welcome result of the elections was the over whelming takeovers of school boards by parents. What a concept.

Remember, Trump trusted Fiouchi, sedan his didnt.

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