Drifting Motes

Am I the only one thinks it’s funny that the tv shows “Love in Lockup” and “Love After Lockup” are on “All Black” tv? Hmmmm

Ain’t it funny in states that had no “irregularities” in voting, the polls naming Republicans ahead, they won. In states that did have “problems”, the troubled demorats, won. But no uprising. Geez Fetterman won. A dead man won. Move on, nothing to see here.

Gotta warn you, don’t lick the toads. Yeah, right. No problem there.

If Donald Trump had been on Epstein guest list you think we’d have heard about the list by now?

The image is funny: “TSA finds gun concealed inside Florida woman’s chicken”.

Hey, what happened to the “monkeypox”?

No laptop yet. But there is hope. Stay with me. Stay safe.

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