Reminder Mote

On Nov. 7, 1983, a group of Demorats exploded a bomb in the U.S. capital building. They were convicted and sentenced to long prison terms. On his last day in office, Bill Clinton commuted their sentences and released them. The people who did NOT blow anything up on Jan.6,2021, are still in jail and haven’t been to trial yet. And ” they” call in an insurrection “.

Dozens of 2nd and 3rd world countries count their election votes in a single day. The longer it takes to count you vote, the more likely the fix is in. Especially when they tell you 3 days ahead of voting day.

Still working on cleanup from the move. Also had to give up on the puppy. He was just too much for us and the older dog to handle. He’ll get a better chance with a younger owner that can devote the needed time.

A while back a high ranked HPD officer “retired” and I commented we’d hear a lot from him as an ” expert”. Well, at least twice a week I see his comments. Hopefully the Miske trial will turn over more rocks.

First there was the non-holiday, holiday, Kwanaza. Now they give us the non-country country Wakanda. What’s next, white reparations?

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