Motes For Today

ok, not up to full speed yet, but there is hope. So, sit back and and let me make some comments.

Polosi hammer time: So far I have counted 7 variations of the story. The “truth” is buddies somewhere in there. Will we ever hear it? Doubtful, not within the pre-election time frame.

Covid “Amnesty”: in a written piece in the Atlantic, Emily Later purposes we all forgive and forget ” each other for what was said and done” during the “pandemic”. Yes, I put that in quotes, I’m not sure that is the correct term. That’s just me. As far as “f and f” I feel much like the rest of the non-profit elites that suffered, HELL NO!! There is retribution coming.

“They” claim free speech is the most important thing. Then shut down opposing speakers with noise, threats, and violence.

I love irony: in NYC ,a 26 yo gangbanger was riding his bike to a prep planned hit when he was shot and killed by a different gang in a drive-by shooting.

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