Thursday Motes, Closer and Closer

Asking for a friend: Who are these cretins running the hospitals?: They bitch and whine and expect the families to help out on the ward because they’re so short staffed. Then they won’t hire additional staff due to “budgeting”. Yes, doctors take an oath, “First do no harm”. Unfortunately, hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities are run by bureaucrats (cretins) who have taken no oath and worship the almighty dollar.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered: Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran who was murdered by Capitol Hill Police officer Michael Byrd on January 6, would be celebrating her 37th birthday yesterday if her life wasn’t suddenly taken by a leftist who the federal government continues to protect. Patriots from across the nation have convened at the DC gulag with Babbitt’s mother to demand justice for Ashli and the J6 political prisoners, many of whom are veterans and have languished in solitary confinement for months or years without seeing a judge. Several supporters of Ashli and her mother laid down roses and bouquets at the US Capitol today for Ashli’s birthday. That’s when a disgusting leftist with Twitter username @GraysonBrent moved in and destroyed the memorial. She was singing “F*ck Ashli Babbitt” as she destroyed the memorial. The Capitol Police stood by and did nothing. They stomp out a memorial to a murder victim in front of her mother. This is what they do. Gods forbid someone should desecrate a Saint George the Thug of Minneapolis, memorial. These are not good people.

The finest minds want to know: Uncle Joe is angry at Saudi Arabia for its decision to slash oil production along with its OPEC allies against U.S. wishes, and he’s made no secret of it. The oil producer group in early October announced its largest cut since 2020, to the tune of 2 million barrels per day from November, which its members say is designed to spur a recovery in crude prices to counter a potential fall in demand. And Joe is mad. I hate to bring this up, but it is their oil. They are under no obligation to do anything but what they feel is best for their people. The correct answer, figure a way to work without them. Oh Oh Oh, I know. Let’s make our own. No shipping over the ocean, we can set our own price, and…and….never mind it makes too much sense.

According to the msm; “Abortion Is Motivating Voters, but Republicans Would Rather Change the Subject.” “In races across the nation, Republican candidates are waffling on their abortion positions, denying past behavior or simply trying to avoid a topic that has long been a bedrock principle of American conservatism.” Sorry to disagree, most voters are more concerned with prices, inflation, and immigration. Abortion affects a very small portion of the population, those other things, they affect everybody. The msm knows this, and that doesn’t bode well for the demorat candidates, and they know it. You can’t change what’s happened, you can change the focus.

Sorry Otis: After a six-day battle and vast amounts of salmon, Fat Bear Week has a winner. Brown bear 747, tipping the scales at an estimated 1,400lbs (635kg), won 68,105 votes, beating Bear 901 with 56,876 votes. The result marks an end to Fat Bear Week 2022, which saw people from around the world vote for the fattest bruin at Alaska’s Katmai National Park. Otis, buddy, I was pulling for ya. Next year.

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