Wednesday Motes, ‘Cause It’s Wednesday

How low can you get: Well, at a recent concert the star performers enthusiastically endorsed Beto O’Rourke and some in the audience booed. Well, it was at a (Dixie) “Chicks” concert and their concerts have turned into political rallies for Democrats. I’m not sure if the boo’s were for Beto, or for Natalie Maines who wore a Ruth Bader Ginsburg t-shirt and made a long patronizing speech to the people that paid to hear her perform. Could go either way.

Remember: Years ago we were told re-usable plastic bags were the savior of the trees and stopped the use of paper bags. Now we’re told plastic is destroying the world and we must use renewable energy in the form of paper bags. Or better yet, have everything delivered. You won’t even notice the extra charge due to the huge raise in cost because of the inflation.

Just askin’: Why I the head of the American Teachers Union visiting Ukraine? And probably on the Union’s dime.

She is truly one of a kind: Dolly Parton is partnering with state of California to provide all children in the state under the age of five with a free book every month. The bill, partnering with Dolly’s Imagination Library, received bipartisan support and will go into effect next year. Perhaps while Parton is alive, this program will work out, but “partnering with State of California” is a prescription for corruption. The image may now show “The Little Engine That Could” but you should expect CRT and trans activism books to follow shortly.

They were on their lunch break: A woman apparently wearing only a bikini and stiletto high heels was seen in a cellphone video exiting a fire truck in front of a San Jose strip club called the Pink Poodle — and the mayor say’s “heads must roll” if it’s “as bad as it looks.” In the video, the fire truck is stopped on a street and its lights are flashing as the woman exits a door on the right-hand side. The woman then walks toward the strip club. I got no idea where to go on this one. Maybe it’s her “second” job. They both have poles. Right?

Things that make you go HUH: There’s literally a list of the people who raped and brutalized children on Epstein Island and the fbi wants to arrest a guy who sells pillows.

It’s what they do: A leftist journalist called Child Protective Services on a Republican state Senate candidate and single mother because she teaches her daughter to celebrate Columbus Day. Apparently, celebrating the man who made it possible for America to exist and for us to live here falls under the leftist definition of “abuse.” There was a serious of tweets/texts between the two parties proceeding the self-proclaimed “Award-Winning Multimedia Journalist” decided to use the legal system to do his bidding. He then complained he was on hold for an hour before he could make his woke allegation. That’s what they do, use the system to do their dirty work. I hope a “false complaint” charge is filed against him and he has to wait a lot more.

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