Monday, Holiday (of sorts), Motes

Win at all costs: Fishermen adding lead weights to make the fish weigh more. Chess player using “vibrating” something somewhere to cheat. Poker players using outside info to bluff hands. It has been claimed this years Miss U S A pageant was “rigged”. What’s next? The world’s oldest and largest competitive Irish dancing organization has launched an investigation after being hit by allegations of competition fixing. Oh, my bleeding gods, fixed dancing competition.

Quick thought: What will happen to all the damaged EV’s in Florida? You can’t dispose of the batteries, and the damaged power cells have this terrible habit of catching fire. Wooosh. Hummm.

Who knew: A man was attacked and robbed of behind a Bronx building. The NYPD says it happened on Monday, Sept. 12 at around 4:30 p.m.  They released a photo Thursday of a man they are looking for in connection with the incident. Okay, that’s not so strange, happens every day. The 47-year-old victim was sitting in the rear of 1111 Gerard Ave. in the Concourse section when three men approached him from behind and started to punch and kick him. They then grabbed his camouflage backpack, which contained approximately $100,000 cash and personal identification cards and documents. There is no information on why he was packing that much cash, in the Bronx. Or did the thieves just get lucky?

Gotta ask, why?: Sharon Osbourne wants her Black Lives Matter donation back, and says she agrees with Kanye West’s statement that BLM is a “scam.” Sharon was shopping at Yves Saint Laurent on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills when asked what she thought. “Oh well, we gave $900,000 to that and, um, I’d like my money back!” she said, according to the video. HOW MUCH???

Not a low profile: When you are a fugitive from justice, you’re supposed to keep your head down, keep a low profile, and and stay out of trouble. Zyeama Y. Johnson, 27, a Jersey City fugitive from justice made herself easy to find. Remember keeping a low profile? She applied for a job with the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, the law enforcement agency that specializes in picking people wanted for outstanding warrants.

I love animals, but : A woman is spending £3,500 to travel 7,000 miles so she can spread her beloved hamster’s ashes. Lisa Murray-Lang, 46, is spreading her pet Spud’s ashes in Hawaii after he passed away naturally in March 2022. Owner Lisa Murray-Lang, 46, wants to give the three year old Syrian hamster a special send-off. Lisa, a professional dog walker often created lifelike ‘locations’ for him to visit. She recreated cardboard versions of London, Paris and Coronation Street during lockdown and let the hamster play in them. I’ve heard of crazy cat-ladies”, but a “crazy hamster lady”?

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