Motes For A Long Friday

Divide and conquer: With the midterms fast approaching, the Monday edition of ABC’s The View looked to seize on apparent bickering within the Republican Party to try and drive a wedge, with co-host Whoopi Goldberg pushing for the party to split, forming a third party, and cementing Democratic Party supremacy. (Hey Whoopi, don’t do us no favors.) Pushback to Goldberg came from an unlikely source in Sara Haines, who suggested current GOP lawmakers weren’t representing their constituencies, according to polls. (And the demorats are?) The hypocrisy of these bunch defies belief.

T D S : In a recent “editorial opinion” article by Maureen Dowd (NYT) was titled “Solo soulless saboteurs: Putin, Trump just can’t admit defeat”. Ms. Dowd then compared Trump to a “megalomaniacal super-villain”, decried his “lunatic personal ambition”, named him a “thug”, and was outraged at his “chicanery”. And that was in the first 4 paragraphs. Personally, I think editorial space would be better spent on trying to cover something new, like inflation, energy dependence, or immigration. Not just the same old Trump Derangement Syndrome. But that’s just my opinion.

Same ol’ song: According to former President Barack Obama, Americans oppose President Joe Biden’s lawless and wage-cutting mass migration because they are racist, not because of their economic worries. Oh Barry, don’t you ever get tired of blaming everything on “racism”?

Why is it, lately, every fbi “warrant service” is now accompanied by the media? Even after the “person named” has agreed to surrender? Just asking for a friend.

Raises questions: Firefighters in southern California rescued a blind dog who fell 15 feet into a hole at a construction site. The dog, named Cesar, was pulled to safety by members of the Pasadena Fire Department technical rescue team. Cesar lived next to the site with his owner and wandered onto the construction site at around 7:00 p.m. on September 20. At some point, while walking around, he fell into a hole that was approximately 15 feet deep and three feet wide. Mary notified a construction foreman on the site, who called firefighters. They arrived at the scene within ten minutes. Cesar was reportedly scared and crying when officials found him in the dark hole. Cesar appeared healthy and uninjured and shook the construction dust off his fur before reuniting with his owner. All in all, a great story with a happy ending. A big well done to the fire personnel involved. But 3 questions jump out at me; 1) Why was the “foreman” still on site at 7pm? 2) Why was a hole that big, uncovered? 3) What if it had been a child?

Prediction, Fetterman-v-Oz: Fetterman has NEVER had a real job outside politics. His parents supported him to age 50. He walks around dressed like a street thug. Yes, he had a stroke and cannot communicate or debate. I predict the “midnight votes” will defeat “Dr. Oz” handily.

Don’t bother to run: A Wyoming rifle team just scored a hit at 4.4 MILES. It took almost 24 seconds for the 422 gain slug from a .416 Barrett. The rifle uses a “necked down” .50 Browning Machine Gun round to take a .40 cal slug. It was a new world record for a rifle shot, set by the Jackson-based Nomad Rifleman team led by Schott Austin and Shepard Humphries. The .416 Barret bullets were leaving the rifle’s muzzle at a velocity of roughly 3,300 feet per second, Humphries said. They dropped into subsonic velocity at about 1,100 feet per second and were traveling at a downward angle and about 600 feet per second as they reached the target zone.

Just ’cause I think he’s gorgeous.

Look at those blue eyes. Wow.

And just in case you got a couple of free hours this weekend.

$10.00 and you can stay in the a/c all day.

Hilo this weekend. See ya’all Monday.

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