Additional Mote To Ponder

Read an article where someone question people on their biggest daily fears. Judging by the answers it is obvious they were talking to millennials, or younger. Here are the top ten, with my answers.

1. Losing your wallet/credit card    ( Losing your home)

2, Arguing with your partner           (No longer having a partner to argue with, ‘cause they died)

3. Having to commute in traffic       (Not having a car to commute with, or a job to commute to)

4. Losing phone                                   (No phone to lose, couldn’t pay the bill)

5. Arriving late to work                      (Not having a job to be late for)

6. Slow wi-fi                                         (Slow SSI check)

7. Watching your phone battery dying  ( Watching your life partner dying)

8. Forgetting passwords                   ( Forgetting your children and their names, or who they are)

9. Credit card fraud                           ( Finding out someone else has gotten your Social Security checks, cashed them, and now you’re going through the fraud investigation, centered on you.)

10. Forgetting to charge your phone   (Not having electricity, shut off due to no payment, to charge your phone)

Kind of makes you think. I hope.

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