Tuesday Motes, On A Countdown

Now and then: We all know I do not like Geraldo “Gerry Rivers” Rivera. Ever since his hatchet job on Col. Cooper I have had little to no respect for the man. But like a stopped clock is right twice a day, once in a while we agree. Last week Rivera blasted President Joe Biden Friday morning over his silence about the hit-and-run killing of a North Dakota teenager. Rivera was discussing a Sunday incident where Shannon Brandt, 41 allegedly ran over 18-year-old Caylor Ellingson in North Dakota, telling authorities Ellingson was a “Republican extremist.” Rivera totally condemned this man’s actions and his reasoning. This type of scenario, from either side, is to be totally condemned. You have to stop the cycle of violence right now, before it spins right out of control,” Rivera said. Every once in a while, we agree. This is one of them.

Not a hole deep enough:  In Montana, “Amber Rose” was out “hunting predator’s”. She started off looking for “black bear” but “got the great opportunity to take another predator wolf pup 2022 was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup”. Now, I don’t know a real hunter that would take such delight a killing a “pup” that they would text their significant other. But the pictures of her show she had “smoked” someone’s Husky puppy. Then she skinned it! The great hunter shot someone’s household pet. Sweetie, if you don’t know the difference between a wolf and a husky, don’t shot. It your responsibility to know your target. The “hunter” has been reported to the game warden and it was found that, at the time of the shooting, she didn’t have a tag to hunt. I hope they throw the freakin’ book at her. See the story at https://gunfreezone.net/.

Love him or hate him, but acknowledge his heart: Pro Wrestler/actor Jon Cena granted his first wish through the Make-A-Wish foundation in 2002, three years after beginning his professional wrestling career. Make-A-Wish is a non-profit organization that works to fulfill the wishes of children ages 2 to 18 who have been diagnosed with critical illnesses, which includes helping them to meet celebrities, attend events or sometimes even give gifts to others. Cena has now set the new Guinness World Record for most wishes granted through the Make-A-Wish Foundation after granting 650 wishes. These are just the ones he himself has granted, and there is no count of how many he inspired along the way. He is also the face of WWE’s “Be a Star” anti-bullying campaign. Well done Jon, well done.

Weekend at the movies; “All The Old Knives” with Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton. Good afternoon watch. But you gotta pay attention to understand the twist. Enjoyable. “Lou” with Allison Janney. Janney, formerly of “Mom”, “I,Tanya”, and the ultra-left “West Wing” ventures out into the world of action. And does a decent job of it. Also enjoyable.

I had not heard of this: The people of Iceland’s Westman Islands have a yearly tradition is what’s known as “puffling season” and the practice is a crucial, life-saving endeavor. The chicks of Atlantic puffins, or pufflings, hatch in burrows on high sea cliffs. When they’re ready to fledge, they fly from their colony and spend several years at sea until they return to land to breed. Pufflings have historically found the ocean by following the light of the moon. Now, city lights lead the birds astray. So now the human’s take a helping hand by collecting the chick and then throwing them off cliffs into the sky at night where they fly away.

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