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18 Sept 22 

“Your hypocrisy insults my intelligence.” Toba Beta

 Isn’t it ironic that after working so hard to disarm private citizens, and simultaneously de-fund and otherwise weaken local police, Democrats now want private citizens (presumably unarmed) to step-up and be “The Tip of the Spear,” in confronting armed and violent criminals? 

MN’s AG (Democrat, of course) says he is going to “investigate” private businesses in areas where violent crime takes place. 

His investigation aims to “see whether businesses are taking steps to address repeated violent crime occurring outside their buildings. Companies or properties that turn a blind-eye to gun violence and other threats to public safety happening on their premises need to know we are watching and will act.” ( So now it falls on the business owner to supple public safety.)

Like all liberals, he never gets specific with regard to what “actions” he is contemplating, but increased police presence is surely not one of them! He apparently intends for his nebulous threats to frighten despised capitalists who still foolishly believe in private property and individual responsibility. He, of course, has no threats for the criminals themselves! (That would be just wrong.)

While empowering, defending, supporting, and apologizing for violent criminals, this AG is curiously upset with the epidemic of violent crime that logically results. 

Imagine that! 

In addition: In the wake of the George-Floyd-incident and convictions, MPD has informed local business that MPD officers (even on their own time) will not be available for private-protection duty. (So you’re on your own people.)

So, this AG expects unarmed business-owners, at their own risk, to courageously confront dangerous, violent criminals, or face punishment at the hands of this same AG, but at the same time offers no support from local police, who are funded by tax dollars contributed by these same business-owners. ( And of course, they better not be armed when they confront anyone. That would be wrong.)

I’m sure business-owners are wondering what police are for! (Not for crime prevention it appears.)

Meanwhile in CA, an outspoken rabidly anti-gun LA mayoral candidate (Democrat, of course) unhappily discovered recently that her home had been burglarized and that two guns, presumptively owned by her, were among items stolen by the thieves. (Any bets on if they were “registered” or not? Come on, we were all thinking it.)

This is the home of a person who repeatedly announces, so passionately, so self-righteously, that all Americans need to be forcibly disarmed, lest they injure her precious criminals. 

Obviously, she does not include herself in the same category with us mere expendable tax-paying peons, whom she cynically purports to “serve!” 

Liberal media is, of course (after trying to bury the story), apologizing for her while assuring the rest of us that politicians are a “special class of citizens” 

Democrats have turned hypocrisy into an art form!


The snarky (italicized) comments are mine.

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