Weekend Was Too Short, Motes

It’s a comic book: On the southwest outskirts of Atlanta, it is a mostly suburban municipality with a population of some 108,000 in which nine of every 10 of the residents are Black. Its mayor, khalid kamau — a gay, Christian, socialist, self-described “Black nationalist,” a former film student, flight attendant, bus driver, Black Lives Matter organizer — says that he wants to create a “real-life Wakanda,” a city that’s “Black on purpose.” But he’s brushed up against the incremental, integrationist, typically more moderate politics of Atlanta’s Black elite shared by much of the rest of South Fulton’s local government. And now, he’s accusing the city of hiding public records. He’s attempted to fire the city attorney. He’s reiterated his request to hire a therapist for the city. Sorry mayor, “Wakanda” never existed, never will exist, and you can’t build it. The city is fiction, and so is your dream.

Be aware: It seems like every time a lunatic blazes up a classroom or a shopping mall, the feds tell us, “He was on our radar.” Yet somehow, the shooter wasn’t stopped. Do you know who was stopped? The “My Pillow” guy, Mike Lindell. The feds are passing out warrants and subpoenas to Trump’s associates and followers like those nasty circus peanuts you give to the neighborhood kids you don’t like on Halloween. They want to track every firearm and ammunition sale so they can “stop a mass shooting” before it happens.” Farcebook is supplying the fbi with user content and “subversive” personal messages. They are really after you, Donald Trump is just in the way.

“The myth of the armed good guy is just that, a myth”: A 21-year-old Chicago man may have saved lives on Tuesday night when he fired back at shooters who were allegedly attacking his grandmother’s birthday party. A few of the relatives reportedly went to the back of the house to look at a new car that belonged to another cousin in the family. He says, “I see my cousin’s face turn weird and I look to the right and see two gunmen at the end of the alley.”The next thing the man knew, bullets were flying past him. The good news was that the young man had a concealed carry license. The man said the attackers ran away after he returned fire, but not before they had wounded his 13-year-old cousin. If this man had never returned fire with his legally-owned weapon, there is no telling how many of his family members could have been wounded or even killed. So, just a myth huh? Tell that to this young hero’s family.

I actually find this revolting: Calipornia Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced Thursday that his reelection campaign had paid for billboards in seven other states promoting abortion tourism to the Golden State in protest at those states’ conservative policies restricting abortion. Newsom, who has made abortion a main focus of his campaign as he expands his message to a nationwide audience, has begun to market California as a destination for those denied abortions elsewhere. So Newsom contributors, you’re funding hif “abortion destination” vacations. I’ll bet your Mom is so proud.

I mean, after this long: Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton slammed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for flying illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. Hillary Clinton crawled out of her hole to attack Ron DeSantis on Friday. This is  “literally human trafficking,” Hillary said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Really Hilly, at this point, what does it really matter?

Weekend play list included C.W. McCall, Kingston Trio, Jay and the Americans, Jerry Jeff Walker, and “Western Movie Themes”.  Good sounds and good weekend.

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