Friday Motes – Because, Why Not?

The frog’s water is beginning to boil: Mike Lindell, the pillow salesman has said he was forced to hand his phone to fbi agents who surrounded him at a fast-food drive-through. An FBI spokesperson confirmed agents were “at that location executing a search warrant authorized by a federal judge” but would not give other details. “They surrounded me at a Hardee’s and took my phone that I run all my business, everything with,” he said. “What they have done is weaponize the FBI, it’s disgusting. I don’t have a computer, that phone, everything was on everybody.”  The stas fbi has become nothing more than a demorat party enforcement arm.

Look to the real reason: This week a Labour MP, Rupa Huq, has introduced an amendment to legislation that would proposes a 2 year jail sentence for anyone praying with women before they go into an abortion centre. Read that again; ”2 year jail sentence for anyone praying.” Her amendment seeks to enforce a “buffer zone” outside abortion centers. Rupa Huq is one of the most vocal supporters of abortion in the House of Commons. There of course is already legislation that exists to restrict protest activities that cause harm to others. Rupa is a devoutly religious person. A Muslim. Surely her God cares for every little baby and would not want them killed?  But it’s not the death of the baby or the health of the mother she is concerned about, it is simply the more non-muslim babies killed not born the fewer non-muslims will be around to oppose the “will of Allah”. IMO

And another one bites the dust: Another top ally of Russian President Putin has died this week, this time of an alleged “stroke” while on a business trip in the village of Roshchino in Russia ’s far east region. Vladimir Nikolayevich Sungorkin, 68, was editor-in-chief of the Russian state newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravada. According to the newspaper, Sungorkin died “suddenly” after showing signs of “suffocation” during the trip on Wednesday. Lost count of how many this makes, but it’s a bunch. And look for more. Just days after Russian officials in St. Petersburg and Moscow openly called for President Vladimir Putin to give up power, the tally of elected officials demanding the Russian leader’s ouster has jumped to 65. Vlad doesn’t seem to take criticism well.

Update: Remember the New Zealand woman who found the two semi-mummified bodies in the luggage she bought on-line? Well, a woman was arrested in South Korea on Thursday on two murder charges from New Zealand. South Korean police detained the woman in the southeastern port city of Ulsan, based on a South Korean court warrant issued after New Zealand requested her provisional arrest as part of an extradition process, according to South Korea’s National Police Agency and Justice Ministry. Authorities didn’t immediately say if the 42-year-old suspect was the dead children’s mother.

Just askin’ : If road maintenance is paid for with gasoline taxes, how will going all electric pay for the maintenance? One of those things that keep me up all night.

In Hilo this weekend. Gonna mow the lawn, pet the dog, and do the other stuff I don’t get to do in Honolulu.

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