Thump Day Motes

(Like “hump” day, just more severe.)

Yes I am : I’m old enough to remember when paper bags were being blamed for the destruction of the forests. And plastic bags were the solution.

Rights denied: A Honolulu man asked for, paid for, and received the license plate “FCKBLM”. The plate is now being described in the local media as “profanity to insult the Black Lives Matter” and the “expletive-laced license plate”. After receiving complaints, the city ordered him to surrender the plate. Until he does, he cannot renew his car registration and is subject to citation and seizure of his property. Okay, it’s 6 letters. Not much for being “laced” with anything. “After receiving complaints”. How many complaints does it take for you to lose your possessions? I’m offended at the guy that owns the island of Kauai. Give it back. I’m offended by the big “Black Lives Matter” sign on the front of the church on the Pali highway. Take it down. If you’re offended at his license plate, and his 1st amendment rights, don’t look. It really is just that simple.

Just freakin’ wrong: It seems the Democrats’ plan for our military is to have them vaxxed, woke, and broke. Thanks to a scorching case of Bidenflation, active service members are struggling to make ends meet here on the homefront. Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael A. Grinston released financial guidance to his soldiers recently. Among the various options for financial help and advice for soldiers and their spouses in the guidance is a link to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka SNAP. Food stamps. Our first line of defense, our military, has to have food stamps to feed their families. Thanks Joe.

Multi tier justice system: Prosecutors declined to criminally charge an Assistant U.S. Attorney found to have “lacked candor” (lied) sexually assaulting a civilian on a date. The investigation had determined the unnamed Assistant U.S. Attorney exposed their genitals in a public place and forced the civilian to touch them, violating state law and federal off-duty conduct rules. The Inspector General’s Office said it sent the Executive Office for the United States Attorneys and DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility its report on the matter for appropriate action. So, he exposed himself, forced another person to sexually touch him, and lied about it, but there is no “preponderance of the evidence” and he’s not charged. Huh???

Just pointing out: In Calipornia, you can’t use a tanning bed if you’re under 18. Also in Calipornia, 13 year old’s can have their breasts removed. It’s not about political differences anymore. It is literally about good versus evil.

Do as I say, not as I do: Democratic New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is refusing to apologize or to pay back the more than $29,000 in first- and business-class travel she’s taken at taxpayer expense since January 2021. Her behavior flies in the face of New Orleans’ city travel policy, which states that all municipal workers must choose the cheapest airfare or pay back any cost differences, the outlet reported. On one trip to France, Cantrell spent $43,000 in taxpayer money, including $18,000 on airfare alone. “Anyone who wants to question how I protect myself just doesn’t understand the world Black women walk in,” said her honor the mayor. First, why the hell does the New Orleans mayor fly to France on the city funds? And second, what does flying, at city expense, have to do with “how I protect myself” or “the world Black women walk in”? Sorry, it just doesn’t add up.

Gas in Honolulu unchanged last 3weeks.

What are you paying?

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