Tuesday Motes of Relevance

Just the facts: Over the last 3o years, 56 of the Clinton family’s former employees and associates have been found dead in “strange” circumstances. Each of these people would have had information that could harm the Clinton’s careers.  I did 2 tours in VN, 15 years as a cop, a bunch of years as a bodyguard, and 20+ years in construction. I knew 3 suicides, and 0 “strange” deaths. Hmmm, what am I doing wrong? Oh, and Hilary is not running for president. Riigghht.

A Mexican citizen cannot vote, in Mexico, without a valid id. He must come to America to do that.

Floating away in my beautiful balloon: A Chinese pine-nut picker who spent two days floating nearly 200 miles in an escaped hydrogen balloon is back on the ground and safe, according to a report. The man, identified as Hu, was floating in the tethered balloon to harvest pine nuts from a treetop when the balloon broke free. Chinese state media said rescuers reached Hu by cellphone Monday morning and directed him to slowly deflate the balloon to land safely. On Tuesday, he landed about 200 miles northeast, close to the border with Russia where a search team of some 500 local police and firefighters spotted his balloon stuck in a tree. Hu told interviewers he had been cold and hungry during the ordeal, but he was in good health, apart from a pain in his lower back. Could have been worse.

Update; Rachel Richardson’s false race accusations against Brigham Young volleyball fans have been debunked by police investigators, but race writer Mike Freeman says the Duke athlete is now the victim of a “right-wing conspiracy theory.” No, it’s not a theory. No evidence shows it happened. You’d think with all this ho-ha-ha there’s be at least one member of the crowd that could back up Richardson’s story but there isn’t. Not one.  Oh wait, they were in BYU country, so they’d all lie and cover-up.

A never-was has-been: Taco Tuesday was quickly ruined by another washed up celebrity’s attempt to virtue signal. On Tuesday, Kathy Griffin must have taken a stupid pill as she tweeted that if someone votes Republican, then they want a Civil War. That isn’t correct. How do I know? There’s not enough shat being blown-up.

Let’s make it really fair: Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses in the world — and yet she’s still paid millions of dollars less than her male co-stars. Anybody else tired of Hollyweird participants complaining about how little they are paid ? How about this? From now on  you get $47.85/hour for time actually in front of the camera; ½ that for rehearsal and public appearances in promotions; no time and a half for more than 8 hours in one day, no pay for time in make-up, costumes, or on set but not on camera. Reshoots will be on your dime, and all residuals go to the studio and producers. Medical insurance will be paid by the producers, but only for days actually on set and not during “off” time between productions. “Con” appearances or signings will be paid at a flat rate to be discussed prior to the date. How’s that sound? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Tracking. Why: Payment processor Visa announced Saturday its plans to separately categorize gun shop sales, joining Mastercard and American Express, which have already said they would categorize purchases at firearm stores. Visa said it would apply the International Organization for Standardization’s new merchant code to gun shop sales. The new IOS code was announced on Friday. Previously, gun store sales were labeled as “general merchandise.” The move signals a major victory for gun control advocates who argue that a separate category for gun store sales will help track “suspicious quantities of firearm sales that could potentially lead to a mass shooting.” Horse shat. This will not stop any shooting. “Mass” or otherwise. The only thing it will be used for is tracking what you buy, when you buy it, and where to find it (and you) when they want to take it away from you, “for the good of the people.”

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