Another Monday With Classic Motes

Just sayin” : Tried to watch a couple of movies this weekend, “tried” being the optimum word. The “Eternals”, a MCU movie, was soooo slllooowww, we gave up. It just had nothing going.  I had high hope for “Paws of Fury; The Legend of Hank”. The best I can say is, it’s no Kung-Fu Panda. More like “Hong Kong Phooey. No recommendations for either movie.

We “must” believe: It all started at “a women’s volleyball game played at BYU in Utah where a black Duke University player alleges that fans hurled racist taunts at her. At BYU ! By now, the story has gone all around the world, as such stories tend to do. However, the story that Rachel Richardson, the only black starter on the Duke volleyball team, told  has begun to fall apart. Rachel Richardson’s godmother is named Lesa Pamplin. She is a lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas, where, she is running for a seat as circuit court judge. Having a goddaughter who has been a victim of high-profile racist abuse is ballot-box gold for Leftists in this age of the glorification of victimhood. On August 30, a comprehensive investigation concluded the event did not happen. Further,  a newspaper report is saying there was no racial slur and separate reports from the BYU Campus and BYU athletic department substantiated that the word was not said. But since the “victim” is a “person of color”, neither she nor her race-baiting godmother can be racists, so it’s not going nowhere.

No honor among them: In Honolulu there is an “organized crime” trial getting ready.  Originally there were 10 defendants in the first indictment and 3 others in a second. So far, 6 of the 10 have rolled and made deals with the prosecution. Another 8 “associates” have also  flipped and will provide testimony. That makes 14 out of 18 to testify.  Remember; “If 3 or more are involved, at least one is an informant.”

“How stupid can you be”, is not a challenge: According to an online survey from WPA Intelligence, nearly one in four Democratic voters believe that men can get pregnant. The percentage rose when only including women and shot up to an astonishing 36% of white, college-educated female Democrats who believe men can get pregnant. It’s stunning there are that many really stupid people in the world.

No good deed: A Georgia State University student tried to buy a meal for a homeless man from an Atlanta Popeyes, but a manager at the fast-food restaurant refused to allow the sale — and police even were called on the student. The location, once told why the student wanted to purchase the extra meal, refused to sell the meal. The Popeye’s store manager was rude and condescending to the student and offered no reason why the student couldn’t buy the meal. After the incident, Popeyes general manager said in a statement that it’s “committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect” and that it has “ensured all employees at this restaurant have been provided with retraining to help navigate a range of guest interactions, such as the situation highlighted in the video.” How about just firing the individual due to “lack of people skills”. “No good deed goes unpunished.”

You can’t make this up: A deputy police chief from Georgia was arrested in Florida last week for soliciting prostitution while attending a lie detector seminar in Orlando and driving an unmarked police vehicle. You can expect to see this event scripted into “Chicago PD” , “911”, or “Law and Order SVU” within the next few weeks.

Anybody else find it funny that an “on-line gambling” site has adds on a professional wrestling show? Hilarious.

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