Thursday First Motes

Horse puckery: A recent full 1/2 page ad in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser front section. Big picture of our local Senators. Top caption, “THANK YOU SENATORS SCHATZ AND HIRONO for voting for the Inflation Reduction Act”. At the bottom it says, “Paid for by the League of Conservative Voters”. “Conservative” voters my azz.

Lucky I live Hawaii: The daughter lives just north of Seattle. Her daughter was sitting with 3 friends in a park just down the street from her house. She and 1 friend went to “freshen up”. When they returned, the 2 boys they had been sitting with were dead. They had both been shot in the head. No suspects at this time. Gangs? Drugs? Both possibilities. Just something no 17 y-o girl should have to see.

Goes around, comes around: For several years Sean Hannity had the country group “Florida Georgia Line” music as bumpers and even did specials with them. Then in 2018 singer Tyler Hubbard turned to social media to argue the case for gun law reform and they were dropped. Then in 2020 Carrie Underwood turned them down for a “collaboration song”. Now I read the duo are splitting up. The first lesson of entertainment, “know your audience”. They didn’t.

Out of sight, etc: Two candidates vying to be Hawaii’s next governor tackle the issue of health care on the Big Island — specifically addressing the situation at one of the state’s most overcrowded and understaffed hospitals. Hilo Medical Center isn’t just in dire need of beds. It also has a severe shortage of full-time nurses. It’s a health care crisis that, if it isn’t solved, could lead to disastrous consequences. Inside Hilo Medical Center, there are about the same number of beds now as there were when the hospital was built nearly 40 years ago. For the past two years, the hospital’s been pushing a plan to add on a new wing. Because we’re not the center of attraction like Honolulu, even our demorat politicians seem to forget we have the same problems as Oahu. Except Oahu has 8 hospitals, the Big Island has 4. And the Big Island has almost 63% of the states land. We have fewer hospitals to go to and have to go further to find one.

Now he’s a good thug: It’s almost shocking how few people get shot and killed, even by accident, when they aren’t brandishing firearms while taking over public streets. While Americans are derided by their own president as “semi-fascists,” actual black-shirted thugs are taking over Portland’s streets at will. Last week, when lefty Antifa and Antifa-inspired bully-boys engaged in what police called “an apparent illegal street takeover event,” things got even more out of hand than usual. An elderly man trying to drive past had a thug fire as many as 18 rounds at his van. The only death it seems was of a 20 y-o Antifa thug, killed by his own. Irony, oh sweet irony.

Gas this week: no change.

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