First Wednesday Of September Motes

Why I have a job: A contract baggage handler unloading a Frontier flight has died after her hair became stuck in the belt loader. The incident occurred at approximately 10:20 p.m. at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans when the woman who was employed by GAT Airline Ground Support, which contracts with Frontier, was working to offload an inbound aircraft after it landed when her hair somehow managed to get stuck in the belt loader. GAT CEO Mike Hough confirmed to ABC News in a statement that the female victim was severely injured and subsequently died as a result of the incident. This is what I do, I keep stuff liker this from happening. Maybe someone there wasn’t doing their job.

Battle Bots: Last weeks “Glitch”-v-“Rotator”, parts and flames everywhere. Sheesh.

**Recently I have been called a danger to democracy because I oppose the current regime. I have been called a white supremist based solely on the fact I am white. I have been called a fascist because I don’t trust federal law enforcement. I have been called an extremist because I want my kids and grandkids to be able to read and write and have their own opinions. I have been called a crack-pot conspiracist because I don’t believe recent elections were without fraud. Funny, nobody is calling me what I really am, an American Patriot. **

Priorities: New York Post has footage of an elderly woman being dragged out of a ride share car and reportedly robbed by her driver in Brooklyn. There’s a lot more to this story but something jumped out at me when I was reading it. A younger, good Samaritan witnessed the abuse and realized the man had stolen the woman’s cell phone. “He filmed the altercation between the driver and elderly woman as she screamed, “call the police! He robbed my phone” and then shared the video on Twitter.” W T F ? His first thought is to film, not call 911 or jump in and help. It appears that he did later assist the woman, to the point he also had to be taken to the ER. And yes, I guess the recording will be additional evidence, but I’m more inclined to “save first, film after”.

Not ever: I just read a story about a mother that had just lost her young daughter. There is a recording of the child, made the day before her death, singing to her Mom, ”I love you. You love me.” The child, Ava, had a brain tumor. She fought bravely, but succumbed. “The day before Ava passed, she couldn’t walk, sit up and could barely talk but she still wanted to tell me that she loved me,” the Mother wrote. Then she wrote, “..parents should never plan a funeral, pick a casket, one last outfit, ‘the perfect plot’ spot, or an urn for their child.” Absolutely not. Not ever. My heart goes out to Mom and the entire family.

Didn’t even cross my mind: During the pandemic I looked forward to many things returning. One of them was not a giant street tomato food fight. But evidently the residents of  Buñol, an eastern Spanish town about 25 miles from Valencia, were. Thousands of revelers splattered each other with tomatoes last Wednesday, celebrating the return of Spain’s iconic La Tomatina food fight festival after a two-year lapse due to the coronavirus pandemic. Trucks laden with overripe tomatoes crawled through the narrow streets as local residents on board hurled them at the crowd in an hour-long frenzy, leaving the area drenched in red pulp. Man, I’d love to own the local dry cleaners for this week.

Weekend play list; Lori Morgan, B J Thomas, T. Graham Brown, and Dan Seals. Binged “1883” this weekend. Wow. Can’t be a second season because it wrapped everything up in 10 episodes. Still, what a feakin’ ending. Sam and Tim were good, but Faith was incredible. Wow.

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