New Motes For The New Week

 That’s gonna work: New York City Mayor Eric Adams is launching a comprehensive outreach plan to educate New Yorkers about the new state gun law going into effect September 1. In addition, the city is creating gun free zones in so called “sensitive” parts of the city, including in Times Square. Signage will be posted along those boundaries and within Times Square saying guns are prohibited in the area. Yeah, Times Square a “gun free zone”. Yep, that’ll stop ‘em alright.

It’s a cultural thing: From tweeter “Eva Vlaardingerbroek@EvaVlaar”: “White South African farmers have been hunted down and slaughtered for years in the most gruesome ways imaginable and the High Court just ruled that the chant “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”, does not classify as hate speech. This ruling will send even more farmers to the grave.” I agree with her. The killing and torture of white farmers has increased to a daily occurrence. And the S.A. government not only does nothing about it, but has, imho, encouraged it. I used to have friends there, some moved to Australia, some didn’t get out.

Time for the adults to take over: Victor Madrigal-Borloz may be the most consequential bureaucrat you’ve never heard of. Madrigal-Borloz is the “SOGI czar” at the United Nations. Or, more precisely, he is the U.N.’s so-called independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, or SOGI. And the Costa Rican lawyer just concluded an official visit to the United States intended to “assess” the “human rights of LGBT persons” here. It’s gone beyond time to close the U.N. circus down. It’s not entertaining anymore, and the monkeys have taken over.

Did he know Hilary: The head of a Russian oil giant that criticized President Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine war, died Thursday after reportedly falling out of his hospital window. The company issued a statement early Thursday confirming the death of Maganov, 67, “after a severe illness,” but did not specify the cause. The hospital declined to comment and referred comment to the police, who declined to comment. It appears numerous individuals in opposition to Vlad’s conflict have “fallen” to their death. Just bad luck, I guess. Reminds me of the words of hitman Charles Bronson in the 70’s movie “The Mechanic”; “Falls from high places are very clean.”

Burning’ down the house: Portland, Oregon’s police force has been anemic since the 2020 racial unrest that led to “mostly peaceful” riots, which partly explains why hoodlums are now running amok — even deploying a flamethrower — as they takeover entire streets in The City Of Roses. Hundreds of individuals took over a Portland intersection at Northeast 72nd and Sandy on Sunday evening for 90 minutes. At least one individual had a flamethrower, and three people were shot, with one person killed. I wonder if it was one of these. Available locally, just under $700.00. Hmmm

I missed this one last week: An Irish woman has been crowned the world axe-throwing champion after winning a competition in Canada. Ceola McGowan, from County Sligo, beat competitors from across the world to win the World Double Bit Axe Throwing Championships on Sunday August 28. After her first throw of the axe, Ms McGowan said she was “immediately hooked” and took up the sport competitively just five months later. Pole dancing is another sport that Ms McGowan has done for a number of years that she said has helped her in axe throwing. “The pole-dancing community is actually very similar to the axe-throwing community where you’ve got that love, camaraderie and support.”  Okay, I didn’t know pole dancing was a “sport”, or a “community”. I guess I’m just too old because when I hear “pole dancing” I immediately think “Stripper”. I’m a pig.

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