Thursday’s Speech

Last nights “speech’ by “President” Biden was nothing short of a Hitleresque performance. The heavy red lighting, the Marines in the back and the ominous tone and the language used. I feel really sorry they were forced to stand for this insulting tirade. This speech was NOT presidential. This speech was NOT uplifting. This speech was NOT what America should be hearing. I am ashamed and afraid. Do not take this speech as a call to arms. Do not respond and give him what he seems to want and encourage. Stand up, but do not act in violence.

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Speech

  1. My husband asked me this morning, “How do you feel about being a domestic terrorist?” My response was, “I feel mighty proud.” We do don’t violence, the left does and they did it for four years while President Trump was in office.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. 🙂


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