Big Tide Thursday Motes

 Update: A woman believed to be the mother of two children whose remains were found in suitcases in New Zealand earlier this month is in South Korea. earlier this month after a family from South Auckland reported finding human body part in several items they bought in an online auction from a storage facility. The body parts were later identified as belonging to children. The children — likely to have been between ages 5 and 10 — may have been dead for a. number of years, perhaps three or four, according to New Zealand police. The official said the woman, a New Zealand citizen, arrived in South Korea in 2018 and there was no record of her subsequently departing the country and her present whereabouts are unknown.

Justice delayed: A court in Mexico on Friday ordered the arrest warrants of 83 people allegedly involved in the 2014 disappearance of 4 The orders were issued against “20 military commanders and troop personnel from battalions 27 and 41 in the city of Iguala, as well as five administrative and judicial authorities from the state of Guerrero; 26 police officers from Huitzuco; six from Iguala and one from Cocula; plus 11 state police from Guerrero and 14 members of the Guerreros Unidos criminal group.” It’s long been said the “authorities” were fully involved in this crime. The students had been visiting the southwestern city of Iguala from a teacher’s college in Ayotzinapa when their buses were intercepted by local police and the federal military forces in September 2014. Exactly what happened after remains unknown, since most of the missing students were never found. But bullet-riddled buses were later seen in the city’s streets with shattered windows and blood. Survivors from the original group of 100 said their buses had been stopped by armed police officers and soldiers who suddenly opened fire. The case ignited international outrage. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Friday that the government will continue to work to capture those involved in the crime and find out what exactly happened to the missing students.

Don’t force your beliefs on me: Administrators at Grace Christian School (a private school that receives no state funding) in Florida are receiving death threats after instructing parents to refer to students to their biological sex and warned students who profess to be LGBTQ will be asked to leave. Pastor Barry McKeen and his family were inundated with death threats after NBC News called attention to the Christian school’s religious policy.  People stand and demand that “You can’t force your Christian beliefs on me”. Then they demand you must accept their beliefs. Hey guys, it’s got to be a 2-way street. You don’t want to accept Christ, fine. I don’t want to accept the LBGQTS life style, that is just as valid.

Asset “forfeiture” without a conviction, is theft: A federal appeals court has blocked an attempt by local police and federal agents to grab and keep $69,000 in cash that was found in the trunk of a car. There was no evidence of a crime, no violation of the law to which the money could be connected, but they wanted it anyway. Police had found McClellan asleep in his car in a parking lot in 2019. There was an empty liquor bottle in the care, and he eventually pleaded guilty to “public intoxication.” But police took the $69,940.50 that was in his car trunk. A federal appeals court has blocked an attempt by local police and federal agents to grab and keep the cash Such forfeiture cases are becoming more and more common in America, and involve assets including, cars, property, houses and cash, too. Not using a bank doesn’t make one a criminal.  

Remember, when they say you have the right to remain silent, use it. When they ask if they can come in, just say no. When they say you don’t need an attorney if you did nothing wrong, you need an attorney right now. If they ask you to “help clear this up”, do so only after you see that attorney.

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