Saturday Story

David Logan, a Man On the Run

In 1979 or 1980 a guy named “David Logan” started to put out a weekly downtown “newspaper” and spent a lot of time at Hummer’s bar where I worked part time as a bartender. This was during the time I had been fired for selling bullet proof vests and was in the process of fighting the dismissal.

Logan was good looking, smooth talking and seemed very personable. But as I look back, he never talked about his past.

After about a year, he published a book of the “The One Hundred Most Eligible Single Men in Honolulu (and how to meet them.)”. It featured pictures, short bios, and if he was to be believed, he had a panel of women who read the bios and questionnaires’ and selected the men without knowing their names or seeing their pictures.

When I was told I’d been selected I expressed my thanks which he put off by telling I had been selected by a “Majority of the panel”.

Ok, I’ll admit it was a real ego boost. I was in my early 30’s, really chasing my dick big time, and this was great. Dave and I would often go down to the Hyatt and listen to Jimmy Borges sing and entertain, and pick-up women. Like I said, he was smooth talking and good looking, I was just the wingman.

I eventually won my reinstatement was to HPD and went back to work on the Windward side.

Hell, the Vice Principal of one of the Kaneohe middle schools recognized me from the book, and we ended up having a several months long affair.

 By then Dave Logan had kind of disappeared.

Until one night in the mid 90’s, Julie and I were at Anna’s (big surprise there) when Dave taps me on the shoulder and greets me.

I introduced him to my wife and he asks if we can sit and talk for a while, just the two of us.

I wasn’t real sure where this was going, but said sure, and Julie went off to play the bar video game while Dave and I sat down.

Well, it turned out Dave’s name wasn’t really Dave Logan. And he really didn’t come to Hawaii to run a weekly newspaper.

His name doesn’t really matter anymore, because, well you’ll see why.

Dave it turns out, had been a member of the 60’s radical group, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and was a participant in some of the violence done by the “Weathermen Underground”. Mostly bombings and the like.

The entire time he was in Honolulu, he had been wanted by the FBI and US Marshals.

He tells me that when he found out I was a police officer, he almost grabbed a flight out of Hawaii as he was sure I’d “make” him. As we became friends and I didn’t make him, he often thought of confessing who he was and turning himself in, to me.

Only jail scared him and he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. So we became friends, drank together, had mutual friends, and even attended the same parties. And I never made him. Didn’t really even think he wasn’t who or what he claimed.

To my memory, he had just sort of moved on. When I went back to HPD I never thought about him. So 12 years later this guy pops up.

I wasn’t the only reason he had come back to Hawaii. He had returned to settle some old business, so he told me his story.

He had turned himself in to the FBI, gone to court, been sentenced to several years in prison, served his time, and had come back to Hawaii to finish up.

Then he tells me, one of the things he felt he had to do was apologize to all the people, including me, he had spent all those years lying to.

He was only in town a few days, and I’ve never seen or heard from him again.

Dave, if you ever read this, I have always forgiven you. You and I are square.

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