Thursday Motes?

At this point, what does it really matter: Hillary Clinton is famous for repeatedly flaunting the law, deleting evidence, and abusing the legal system and getting away with it. On Monday night following the FBI raid Hillary flaunted her lawlessness and introduced new Swag merchandise for her supporters. The hat reads, “But her emails,” in reference to the 30,000 emails she illegally deleted from her server and got away with. Historically, communists always delight in flaunting their power. Coincidence in the timing for her “swag” launch. She just happened to have them ready. Yeah, sure.

Not a good idea: New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) this week said he is “deeply contemplating” busing New Yorkers to Texas to knock on doors in retaliation for Gov. Greg Abbott (R) sending busloads of illegal immigrants to the blue sanctuary city. “I already called all of my friends in Texas and told them how to cast their vote,” he said during a Tuesday press conference.  “We have to get him out of office.” Who the heck does he think he is? And since when does NYC give orders to the citizens of Teas? Who does he mean when he says “we have..”? And I’d be careful about having a bunch of new yorker’s “knocking on doors” in Texas. Might not turn out the way Eric wants.

In my experience: “Search Warrants” are very limited in scope and very specific in what is being looked for. “On view” evidence usually must be left and another warrant gotten. Personal safe’s usually are taken to a holding facility or left in place until an additional warrant issued. There is a report the fbi searched through Mrs. Trump’s belongings. I know of at least 2 searches’ ruled invalid and all the evidence found rules inadmissible because the “officers” searching exceeded the warrants limits. One was thrown specifically due to just these kinds of actions, going through a female’s belongings when the warrant did not name her or here belongings.

Concerning the fbi/demorat abuse of power: They are coming for you and me. Trump is just in the way. “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.” J.Stalin

Sometimes karma gets there first: Authorities have been looking for Dekenta Parchman since late July for having allegedly tortured and sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend at her Van Buren Township apartment in Michigan. When U.S. Marshals finally tracked him down on August 9, they found the 30-year-old suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Police attribute Parchman’s seven wounds to a shootout in Inkster. Oh, and I know this will come as a complete surprise, but in 2012, he was convicted of first-degree home invasion and unlawful imprisonment, for which he was sentenced to five and a half to 20 years’ imprisonment and four to 15 years’ imprisonment, respectively. Granted his recent alleged crimes, it appears that he served no more than the minimum amount of jail time demanded by the court.

Gas 8/9/22. Same as last 3 weeks.

What are you paying?

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