Motes, Wednesday, That’s All

A tough week for Sad Good-Byes: Clu Gulager, a multifaceted actor known for his roles in “The Virginian” and “The Last Picture Show,” has died of natural causes. He was 93. // Actor Roger E. Mosley, who appeared in all eight seasons of the original Magnum P.I., has died aged 83. He portrayed Theodore “T.C.” Calvin, the helicopter pilot and friend of Tom Selleck’s character. Mosley died from injuries sustained in a car accident in Lynwood, Los Angeles last week. // Olivia Newton-John who starred in the smash-hit 1978 film “Grease,” has died, her family confirmed Monday. She was 73 years old. Newton-John “passed away peacefully at her Ranch in Southern California this morning,” her husband, John Easterling. Their talents will be missed.

Fishing expedition: When an ATF inspector showed up at Black Metal Firearms in Mesa, Ariz., a few months ago and began taking photos of the gun shop’s sales records using her personal phone, owner Dave Nagel couldn’t believe his eyes. ATF Industry Operations Inspector (IOI) Pamela Scott methodically photographed every page of the A&D books, rather than documenting specific errors, which is common practice. Nagel says; ” Most dealers don’t even know this is wrong or are coerced into letting it happen. Help us fight this grotesque ATF overreach and abuse!“  Go to “pjmedia” for additional contact info.

Couldn’t finish: Tried watching a couple of movies this weekend. Couldn’t finish either one. “Everything Everywhere, All At Once” was just too convoluted for me. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood. “Road To Revenge” was sooo slooow I gave up. I found out the acters, producers etc for “Road” are the same ones in several other very slow westerns. $$$ only movies.

Rules for thee, not me: Seeking “balance and fairness,” U.S. Sens. Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz have introduced a new measure that would do away with lifetime appointments for Supreme Court justices. The TERM Act would require a new justice to take the bench every two years and spend a total of 18 years in active service. Both have loudly spoken out against term limits for federal Senators/Representatives.  Hirono has done nothing but politics since 1980 (42 years) and Schatz has been a professional candidate since 1998 (24 years).  I know they can spell hypocrisy.

Knowledge about one thing, is not knowledge about all things: Jalen Rose co-host of Jalen and Jacoby on ESPN said in a video posted to his Twitter account on Wednesday that the sports term “Mount Rushmore” should be retired. This term, Rose insists, is offensive to certain groups of people, especially Native Americans. Mr. Rose has a B.A. in “Management Studies” (whatever that is.) I cannot find just what it is that makes him an “expert” on “certain groups” of people. He is another “know it all” celeb that should just sdastfu. Nobody wants your opinion on anything but basketball.

WTF?: Not sure which one wins the “Stupid” award this week. Uncle Joe talking like he had marbles in his cheeks, Kamala and her usual word salads, but I think it should go to Nasty Nan Pelosi. She actually stood in front of a group “intelligent” people and claimed she felt a connection to China because someone, once upon a time, told her she could dig straight through the earth and reach China. HUH? Please world, remember Nan was elected as a representative of a small district in Calipornia, and that’s all she is, a representative.  Just who or what she really represents is still unclear at this time.

Juast a little late : Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has led to Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio to declare August 9 honorary Dolly Parton Day ahead of the country singer’s visit to the state.The Imagination Library is a book gifting program. The program mails free books to children under the age of five, regardless of the family’s income. According to the Imagination Library website, the program started in 1995 in Sevier County, Tennessee, Parton’s hometown. So happy belated DOLLY PARTON DAY. Maybe the classist lady I ever met.

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