Tuesday Motes,

In the “Well Duh” category: Amber Luke,nicknamed “Dragon Girl”, who has covered 99 per cent of her body in ink, has admitted that her work options are “limited” by her unique appearance. After splashing £200,000 on tattoos and surgery she can’t land herself a job. She has also spoken about how her tatted body attracts a lot of unwanted comments from strangers. Amber’s hundreds of tattoos are inspired by satanic symbols and dedications, including the word “death” on her hand. Just what does she expect? Sorry, shallow as it may seem, I wouldn’t want to interact with her either.

A very good question: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is wondering why the IRS bought “nearly $700K in ammunition earlier this year” and why IRS agents need guns in the first place. On June 19, 2022, Breitbart News indicated that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) pointed out the IRS spent approximately $700,000 “between March and June 1” purchasing ammunition. Gaetz suggested a scenario where federal entities are buying up ammo puts citizens in a place where the exercise of the Second Amendment is limited due to the inability to get ammunition. This is something I have remarked on in prior motes and has been ongoing for the last several years. The amount of ammo being purchased by Federal “law enforcement” is staggering. The real question is why?

You vill show your papers. Ya?: The City of Orlando will be adding in ‘controlled entry’ checkpoints in its downtown area following  a shooting on Sunday that injured seven. Mayor Buddy Dyer made the announcement on Monday, saying it would help prevent shooting situations while the checkpoints are in place.   Each point will be manned by law enforcement with police dogs who are trained to detect weapons. Those carrying firearms illegally will have them seized on the spot. They have a bigger problem with the Constitution. So, the citizens of Orlando are NOT protected in their right to freely come and go. Those pesky civil rights amendments again.

Another really good question: If words matter, then why do top officials use them so poorly?” One of the more annoying and disturbing aspects of the Biden puppet presidency thus far is the complete inability of so many of the people at the top to use their words well. When they’re not mouth-barfing them into an incoherent jumble, they’re forming them into understandable sentences that say stupid things. he standard for declaring a recession has long been “two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product.”  Now that we have had those two quarters, and are clearly in economic distress for most wage-earners, it has become politically expedient for the Democrat administration to change the definition. Kamala Harris is the poster child of “word salads”. Kamala’s verbal blunders are only incrementally worse than Joe Biden’s, which are clearly due to his cognitive deficiency, worsening over time. Janet Yellen is increasingly making her decisions as head of the treasury based on woke absurdities, resulting in her non-answers to specific questions.   The top officials refuse to directly answer yes/no questions. Don’t worry about what you really see, just believe the man behind the curtain. 

I have a secret vice; I love Battle Bots. This season is dynamite with pieces flying everywhere. Last week’s battle between “Hypershock” and “Gigabyte” was just freakin’ glorious. Give it a watch if you get the chance.

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