Wednesday Motes, ‘Cause it’s Wednesday, Bro’

It’s an age thing: At 75 I was looking forward to retiring. Now, not so much. As a cancer survivor my spouse requires daily medications, that we will no longer be able to afford. About 17% of Hawaii is 62 and above. Daily drugs are a major part of those lives. The problem?  No Medicare/Medicaid coverage is available for medications.  You have to have “supplemental medical coverage”. And on a “fixed” income, it could be the difference between mortgage or meals. So Hawaii Senatorial and Congressional candidates, how about looking out or your constituents for a change? Spend some of that tax $ on a drug plan for the elderly. Just a suggestion, from a voter.

Speaking of politics in Hawaii: This season we’re being told who not to vote for and why some candidates are such horrible people they should be run out of town. Yes sir, let the mudslinging begin in earnest.

I got an old man’s GPS. Not only does it tell me how to get there, it also reminds me why I went.

For those too young to remember: It was thirty years ago this month that the DOJ entrapped Randy Weaver for his Christian beliefs, killed his dog, son, and wife, and shot Weaver and his friend. While living in Iowa, Weaver learned it was illegal to homeschool his children independently, so he moved his family to a cabin in remote Idaho, Ruby Ridge. Gus Magisano befriended Weaver. Magisano was a fed. What the feds really wanted was an informant. Weaver refused; he was no “snitch.” With facts withheld, a grand jury indicted Weaver. Before this exercise in “justice” was over, people died, including a wife clutching an infant at the moment she was shot. Weaver was not a “White Supremacist”, nor was he planning to overthrow the government. Weaver, charged with first-degree murder, though he never fired a shot at anyone, faced the death penalty. Weaver was found not guilty on all counts except minor charges for failing to appear. No one has been held accountable. And our government, under the Uncle Joe regime, is seemingly even further out of control. Know your friends. And your enemy.

Scared me white: “Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power.” A movie by filmmaker Joel Gilbert.  It builds toward his thesis that Michelle has been planning for running for president, and that the Democrats now know she is the only person who can lock down the black vote for them, and who is popular enough with the general public to make an election victory plausible. And that scare’s the hell out of me. Check “” for more info.

My bologna has a first name: Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), (rhymes with bologna) has repeatedly shown how ignorant she is regarding firearms, their nomenclature, and their uses. Don’t confuse her with facts, her mind is made up. How come I can’t sue Ford? They made the car that was driven by a drunk driver that killed my sisters boy-friends third cousin’s brother-in-law. Ford should have known someone would drive drunk. It’s their fault. Show me the $$$$.

Somethings backwards: Inflation and crime have gotten so bad in NYC that even cheap meat like Spam has to be locked up. “I’ve never seen that before!” one cashier laughed while using a magnet to remove a can of Spam from its cage. The cashier was among the employees, tourists and store regulars stunned that the iconic blue-and-yellow cans are now being kept under lock-and-key. It’s a sad state of affairs when the Spam is locked up, and the criminals aren’t. 

For get this last weekend playlist. It was Vol. 3, “Ryman Country Homecoming”. Crystal Gayle, Lori Morgan, Dan Seals, Waylon and Willie, and 14 others. Done in 1999, it was a group of country greats, just sitting around playing for each other. If you are like me, and prefer the older country music, it is the very best, of the best.

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