Unheralded Tuesday Motes

At least he knows football: Last week Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard used his Tuesday press conference to criticize an 18-year-old American’s ability to walk into a gun store and “buy an AK-15 automatic weapon.” Ballard said, “I’m not anti-gun, but I’m anti-military style weapons. It blows my mind the way that an 18-year-old kid can walk in and buy an AK-15 automatic weapon,” Okay, maybe you’re not “anti-gun”. You are, like so many others, unaware of firearms, the state laws surrounding those firearms, national firearms laws, and the fact that your comment is 100% fuxxed up. SDASTFU. Go out play with a ball somewhere. (And I’m not gonna make a “Colt’s comment.)

No fries please: An Australian airport fined a traveler 2,664 Australian dollars, or about $1,874, after several McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches were discovered in their luggage. The two egg and sausage McMuffins and a ham croissant were identified by a biosecurity detector dog at Darwin Airport last week. The unnamed passenger was on a trip from Bali to Australia. The individual was fined only a few days after Australian authorities tightened security measures to address an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Bali.

Good news: There are more tigers in the wild than everyone thought. Almost 40% more tigers. The estimate is now 5,500+  tigers in the wild. Hoorayy.

Magic bullet: A Texas man who shot a woman in the neck was killed Saturday when the bullet also hit him, police said. Investigators believe the man, Byron Redmon, 26, shot the woman in the neck, but the “bullet then exited and hit Redmon in the leg.” Redmon died at the hospital. The condition of the woman, who has not been identified, is unknown. Okay, I’m going to have to follow up on this one. That seems like an awful lot of extra travel from the bullet. Well, except for JFK .

Poor victim selection: A woman with a concealed carry license shot at a group of males who pointed a gun at her as they attempted to steal her car in Chicago last week . Four to five males were trying to break into a parked car in the 1100 block of East 52nd Street in Hyde Park at 7:58 p.m. Friday, police told the station.According to her statement, the 34-year-old woman who owns the car confronted the group, after which one of them pulled a gun and pointed it at her. With that, the woman fired her own gun at the group and hit one of the would-be thieves, a 13-year-old male, police told the station. This shows poor victim choice for the would-be thieves. However, the injured boy also violated one of Farnam’s rules for life, “Don’t hang around stupid people.”

Crappy News Network: Early last week, CNN wrote an ugly, baseless trash piece titled “An ‘imposter Christianity’ is threatening American democracy” that argued American Christianity is being overrun by radical “white Christian nationalists” and supported that premise with far-left thinkers and biased New York Times best-sellers. Horseshxt. I didn’t see any “white Christian nationalists” burning buildings, destroying property, and sending cops to the hospital. Those were BLACK AND WHITE UNCHRISTIAN THUGS, acting under a false flag of “black live matter/antifa” and should be treated with contempt and jail sentences.

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