Magnum Monday Motes

Before we start talking about: “Is this a recession?” or such, I think the first thing we need to do is define the word “definition”. If we have proper definition, it will be easier to define where we are in the process. Or something.

Psyco chicks, we’ve all known one: “Christie Louise Jones Had a Masterplan to Get Back at Her Ex-Boyfriend Who Recently Broke Up With Her; She Planned on Burning Down His House to Show Him She Was The Boss, But She Made One Crucial Mistake…She Burned Down Wrong Home”. The homeowner was alarmed by a different neighbor, who witnessed the 49-year-old’s alleged efforts to start a fire at the house. Jones managed to set the porch on fire with bundles of wood and oil before the homeowner got outside. In an attempt to put out the fire, the homeowner looked for a garden hose that was sealed off by the woman with a flex seal, police said. He also found burning wood next to a propane bottle. Authorities charged Jones with felony first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon and larceny of an animal. I read the article several times but there was no explanation of the last charge.

Leader of the pack: Japanese officials announced Wednesday that they killed a monkey after it was determined that the monkey was behind several of the many reported attacks in the area, amid a local crisis of primates attacking citizens. As of Tuesday, the number of reported attacks was at 49 and rising. Now they have to wait until the monkeys choose a new leader.,

A sad Good-Bye: Tony Dow, the actor who personified the role of America’s big brother as the elder sibling Wally Cleaver on the TV classic sitcom Leave It to Beaver, died two days after it was announced. He was 77 and had been battling cancer. The first announcement was a mistake, but it was just a matter of time. Dow pivoted to become a noted and successful sculptor in his later years. In the early 2000s, Dow began to devote his energies full time to creating artworks, developing a style using burl wood found in the hills around his home to sculpt abstract designs that he would then bronze. He was one of three United States sculptors chosen for the 2008 Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts exhibition at the Louvre. Dow was an outspoken advocate for people suffering from depression and chronicled his own struggles with the disease in a series of self-help videos. His talents, and his compassion will be missed.

Justice delayed: Darrell Brooks Jr., the Wisconsin man accused of driving a car through a Christmas parade last November fatally striking six and injuring dozens, pleaded not guilty to 77 counts, including six felony homicide charges. Brooks, 39 faces up to life in prison if convicted. It is also alleged that on Nov. 21, Brooks beat the mother of his child for failing to bail him out of jail for an arrest earlier in the month — for breaking her leg by running her over with the same car. Still no trial date. Justice denied.

How to run a war: Days after Moscow launched its bloody war on Ukraine, a Russian cargo plane stood on a Khartoum runway, a strip of tarmac surrounded by red-orange sand. The aircraft’s manifest stated it was loaded with cookies. Sudan rarely, if ever, exports cookies. Ultimately, however, the officials decided to board the plane.Inside the hold, colorful boxes of cookies stretched out before them. Hidden just beneath were wooden crates of Sudan’s most precious resource. Gold. Roughly one ton of it.Or about $55,000,000 dollars worth today. This incident is one of at least 16 known Russian gold smuggling flights out of Sudan, Africa’s third largest producer of the precious metal, over the last year and a half. So how do you finance your war, by stealing gold from somebody else. And again, the “Wagner Group” name figures predominantly. A quasi-mercenary group with close ties to Vlad.

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