Traveling Friday Motes

Yesterday it was cute monkeys: Today it’s a young female walrus that has chosen Norway’s capital Oslo as her holiday destination for 2022. Onlookers spotted the marine mammal clambering onto boats – which often look like they are about to capsize under her not inconsiderable 600kg (94 stone) heft – to nap in the sun. Nicknamed Freya after the Norse goddess of love, she has become something of a celebrity in the country. Her presence has caused concern among some. One kayaker described a “scary encounter” with the animal when it came too close to his vessel, local media report. Another boy fell into the water near the walrus when he was paddle-boarding and had to be rescued by a jet ski.

Finally: The trial for a commercial truck driver charged with causing the deaths in 2019 of seven members of a Marine motorcycle club will open Tuesday, more than three years after the crash in northern New Hampshire. Zhukovskyy himself told police that he had used both heroin and cocaine that morning, but that he was “fine and OK to drive” later that evening. His lawyers have argued an independent analysis showed one of the motorcyclists who died was drunk and was the one who hit the truck and caused the crash. So, it as the bikers that caused the accident, not him being fuxxed up. Special place in Hell for you pal.

A set of cojones: The Secret Service alleges a Waipahu man used counterfeit checks to go on a spending spree, that included trying to buy a Land Rover and post bail for three people at OCCC. Man, trying to use forged checks for bail. Oh, trying to by a new Land Rover. All in all, checks were a little over $400,000.  Give the guy credit for the try.

Suspicions confirmed: Respected scientific institute Polish Academy of Sciences (PASIFIC) has officially classified cats as an “invasive alien species,” according to the Associated Press. Anybody that has ever been owned by a cat will tell you “invasive alien species,”is better than that obnoxious azzhole cat.

They didn’t have any duct tape: Federal, state and county authorities responded to a radio call Monday from a U.S. Bureau of Land Management employee who reported a man was walking along a gravel road and setting fires, in the forest some 25 miles northwest of Grants Pass. Three local residents located the suspect walking on the road near the fires and detained him. The suspect became very combative with the three residents and had to be tied to a tree to subdue him.,” Ward said in a statement. “An ambulance crew was asked to respond due to some injuries that the suspect apparently received from “falling down”.

Belated Birthday: Happy Birthday (7/27) to television writer, producer and visionary Norman Lear, 100 years old. Norman’s decades in TV have been nothing short of brilliant … working on the “Colgate Comedy Hour” with legends back in the day before moving to classics like “Sanford and Son,” “All in the Family,” and “The Jeffersons.”Everything he touched turned to gold — he’s even picked up 6 Emmys for his work over the years as he pushed the boundaries of TV, incorporating controversial topics like abortion, mental health, and sexuality into his shows. Well done Sir. Well done.

Headed to Hilo this weekend. Usual stuff, lawn, dog, hedge, and wife. Maybe not in that order.

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